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The Ibiza 2019 clubbing season review

Summer 2019 summed up in one big read.

Wow - what a long summer that was! But it's all over now.

The final parties have just happened (we're actually still pretty tired from Solomun's closing party at Pacha and its afters at Benimussa Park), but the big clubs are indeed shut now and the island is finally quiet again. Let's take a look back on what was an extremely eventful summer.

As usual, we speak about each club first and then about the island in general. Happy reading!

The Ibiza Town venues


Pacha's week started with Claptone's The Masquerade this year. A new night, and as so often with newcomers, it takes some time until it is established on this island regarded as the Champions League of clubbing.

Claptone did well, however, and Pacha was mostly what we would call "perfectly busy" on Monday nights.

Tuesday was also a novelty: for the first half of the season, Pacha saw Latin music star J Balvin gracing the stage of the venue. His stint went really well and the venue was packed for his performances.

For the second half of peak season, Calvin Harris was the big name on Tuesday nights and unsurprisingly these dates did just as well or even better!

Wednesday saw the return of Flower Power. An evergreen, it did well - not completely packing out the venue, but certainly filling the club to a perfectly busy status.

Thursday was the Ibiza transfer of the year with Marco Carola's party Music On moving from Amnesia Fridays to Pacha Thursdays. The outrage was massive when it got announced, but fact is in the end Music On did really well at Pacha.

Those Music On marathons that started in Destino on Thursday afternoon and then carried on at Pacha from midnight until Friday sunrise, for most of Carola fans that was indeed the cherry on cake (pun very much intended).

Another feather in Pacha's cap was the new Friday nighter, Dixon's Transmoderna. After years of playing a few gigs here and there in different venues on the island, Steffen Berkhahn finally embarked on his first ever proper Ibiza residency.

Being in the sandwich between Don Carolone on Thursdays and King Solomun on Sundays wasn't an easy situation - and it took some time until Transmoderna got going.

Again, it was the first season though and considering that as well as the inhouse competition plus all other Friday night parties, I think it's done okay - Rome wasn't built in a day.

Saturday was Pure Pacha for another year, but with a different headliner. No more Bob Sinclar (read on a little for that), but instead Martin Solveig was back at Pacha as a resident - remember he had is own My House night at Pacha back in 2017.

Pacha and Saturday nights has always worked. Of course you can't deny the competition, but overall Pure Pacha has done pretty well this summer.

Pacha's week finished with Solomun+1.

Solomun had been the King of Pacha for the past few years, but now - considering the fact that suddenly both Marco Carola as well as Dixon had their own nights at the same venue as well - a lot of people expected that the dominance of Solomun's night would diminish.

Truth is, the opposite happened and Solomun had his best summer ever at Pacha. I actually had the pleasure to sit down with Mladen in the middle of the summer and talk about this - and a lot of other things. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch the full interview here.

Also - and this is the earliest announcement we've ever seen - Pacha and Solomun have just announced he'll continue with his +1 concept at the same venue next year.

As for Destino - Pacha's resort hotel on the cliffs of Cap Martinet - as mentioned above it was the venue for a lot of Music On Daytime parties.

There were a few other parties too this year, such as four Solomun+LIVE events (one with the fantastic brass band MEUTE) as well as Joseph Capriati's birthday party.

Depending if you were a fan of Marco Carola or not, you either loved those many Music On dates or then you wished there was just a little more variety in Destino's programming.


The second Ibiza Town club had a very good summer overall. In year five for HEART Ibiza, its management have now gotten it pretty right in terms of programming and the club was mostly really busy.

HEART's week started with a bit of a surprise - moving across the road from Pacha to HEART, Bob Sinclar ran a short, but very successful Electrico Romantico residency. It's a move many didn't see coming, but that night did really well.

On Tuesdays, Heart Factory returned, which included monthly showcases of different labels/artists such as Anané and Louie Vega's Ritual, MUSE by Lehar and Musumeci and Behrouz's Do Not Sit.

Some dates worked better than others, but overall Tuesday was a good night for HEART.

Wednesday was one of HEART's busiest nights with La Troya. In year two now at the venue, it seems La Troya have found their perfect spot.

Thursdays saw Satori putting on his new project Maktub.

Musically, definitely one of the most interesting nights at HEART. The venue wasn't always packed with people (don't forget you had Signor Carola over the road and Tale Of Us elsewhere), but it certainly was one of the most critically acclaimed parties of the entire Ibiza 2019 clubbing circuit.

Bravo, Satori.

On Fridays, B!CRAZY returned for its second season at the club. Presenting a really nice line up with some real electronic music pearls such as Ruede Hagelstein, Marcus Worgull and Rodriguez Jr, it attracted a good crowd.

As mentioned elsewhere, because of the sheer amount of club events on that day, Friday was a toughie this summer and made it that little bit harder for everyone.

Saturdays was a WILDCHILD. The Game Over crew, makers of the ONE NIGHT STAND parties - and also heavily involved in anything Carl Cox does on the island - pulled a bold move and put up a 90s type house night.

It took a while until this party got going and people understand what it was all about, but the second part of its season was decent. The night had a really fun vibe and was maybe the most "different" night that HEART offered.

HEART's week ended with their blockbuster, SAGA by Bedouin. Bedouin alone attract people, add to that a roster of fantastic guest DJs and you have a Sunday nighter to die for - period.

The Playa d'en Bossa venues


The Pd'B daytime party venue had a very good season. Solid programming (from the same team, The Night League, which also run Hï Ibiza) and announcing their nights nice and early - that's what clubbers want in 2019.

Ushuaïa's week started as usual with David Guetta's BIG bash. BIG production, BIG artists, BIG crowd - this party remains very popular.

Tuesday was all about Tomorrowland with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and that's another party that did really well. Maybe not always as jam-packed as Guetta on Mondays, but still very successful.

Wednesday was the first novelty in Ushuaïa's programme for 2019, Nic Fanciulli's DANCE OR DIE.

While the party did okay for its first season, it's also true it didn't exactly produce any massive waves - and it only got full twice this season. The opening and the closing party, both dates a certain Carl Cox was on the bill.

Like I say, it was season one, so don't expect any miracles straight away. Other than that, elrow also did four daytime shows at Ushuaïa (one a month, and those were on Wednesdays too), and these were very popular.

Then it went back to business as usual on Thursdays with a full house for Martin Garrix.

Friday was a bit of a special one: in August they belonged to Calvin Harris and those dates were a massive success. But before and after his mini-residency, there were various one-offs happening on the Friday.

For most of those the venue wasn't as packed as with Mr. Harris - with the exception being the Swedish House Mafia reunion at the end of July which was without doubt, one of the events of the season - with tickets sold out well in advance.

Saturday has been all about ANTS for a good few years now and I can't see this changing anytime soon. Constantly the busiest event of the week at Ushuaïa and a great atmosphere, ANTS keeps on being a winner. Massive. Well done.

Ushuaïa's week ended with the venue's first ever Latin music party, MUCHO Ibiza. I have to say, out of all the venues, Ushuaïa is where I personally think a Latin party probably fits best. Outdoors, in the evening hours - and it worked very well - with world famous celebrities often in attendance.

Just next to Ushuaïa at Hard Rock Hotel, it also did a single weekly event. As in past years, on Friday evenings, the fun-filled Children of the 80s party took place every week all summer.

A party which is popular with lots of locals that aren't too keen on house or techno, COT80s meant the perfect weekend kick-off for lots of people and was usually very busy.


Ushuaïa's neighbour had a fantastic season - Hï Ibiza's third summer was a massive success overall.

Hï's week started with RICHBITCH - you may recall that name. Yes correct, an urban/Latin night that used to happen in Privilege. RICHBITCH did a relatively short stint at Hï just the peak season, but it did really well.

Hï's Tuesday was the hottest new entry on Ibiza's billboard charts this year. BODYWORKS came, saw and conquered. The combo of Solardo, CamelPhat and FISHER all in the same venue simply worked a treat.

Eric Prydz not being back at the club this year only made a difference for his biggest fans, but instead tech house fans from everywhere reunited in Hï on Tuesday nights.

I've already mentioned, it usually takes at least a season or two for a new night to really leave a mark on the island. However, BODYWORKS was a massive exception as it was a straight winner right away. Boom.

On Wednesday, Armin Van Buuren returned with Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano in tow for the club room as in previous years.

Armin keeps on having a huge following and the fact that he's by now the only DJ that side of the island playing trance (or something similar to trance, if we're completely honest), automatically gives him a niche with a very loyal following. Unsurprisingly, the night did well.

Thursday was all about Afterlife. Tale Of Us' night had a really good summer, albeit having more competition than in previous years. Even though the scenesters are still undecided as to whether the night fits the venue after two seasons in there, the numbers speak for themselves.

Number two in the Ibiza transfer of the year charts was David Guetta moving his long-running F*** ME I'M FAMOUS! night from Pacha to Hï.

After doing his open-air party BIG at Ushuaïa for already a few years, the writing had been on the wall really - it was just a matter of time until he moved the nighttime party to a Night League venue too. How did it work? Well, f*** me, packed every week, what more shall I say?!

Saturday nights belonged to Black Coffee again.

While the club was always very busy, especially in the second part of the summer from what I've heard and seen, it did feel as if the night's not made the same kind of waves it used to in the first two summers. Hard to put my finger down, but that's how it felt to me.

Hï's week ended with another very successful event - Defected's disco night, Glitterbox.

Defected (over at Eden in San Antonio) and Glitterbox actually switched nights for this summer and the fact Defected was now on Friday (instead of Sunday) and Glitterbox now on a Sunday (instead of Friday) might have tilted the result a tiny bit in favour of Defected.

Even so, it's safe to say both events have had a REALLY really good summer.


What used to be Sankeys changed into Octan Ibiza this year. Instead of just managing the venue, the new owners actually bought the building and that took some time. This was the main reason why the club only opened midway through the season.

Instead of trying to put up a full week's programme for just three months, they did the wise thing and started with just one weekly event - Steve Lawler's Warriors, which was then followed up with Apollonia's first proper own night and residency, Planet Claire.

Both promoters had a good run and I think worked as a good stepping stone for the venue as to where to head for 2020 in terms of programming.

Octan will be open through winter every now and then (first parties announced for Saturday 2 and Saturday 9 November), we also know they want to keep on refurbing the venue. I think it'll be interesting to see what Phil and Ryan will cook up for Ibiza 2020.

Personally I don't expect a seven nights per week programme for next summer just yet, but I'm convinced we'll see a few good weekly residencies in Octan next year. One to watch and a good underground counterweight in Pd'B!


Ibiza's only venue completely focussing on non-electronic events also deserves a mention. While it'll be lost under the radar for a lot of people, it is a great option for anyone staying in Playa d'en Bossa that really can't stand the boom boom boom so many of us love.

SWAG had a decent summer overall, but I'd be lying if I said they didn't notice the impact on some of their nights when suddenly one of the big superclubs put on a Latin or urban night. Still though, credit to them for keep on doing in what they believe in.


The infamous venue on the road to Salinas was obviously again one of the big players for the underground lovers. Their two main events, Circoloco and Paradise had somewhat of a different summer each.

Circoloco - once the venue's only weekly event - and for many ravers to this day still the best afters they ever been to (when it still was an afterhours) - had a slow start into the season.

To the surprse of a lot of people, the club wasn't wall to wall rammed in the first half of the season but there was actually space to dance. It got back to a pretty normal "Circoloco busy" again though for the second bit of the season.

On the other hand, Paradise - Jamie Jones' night - was a big winner this summer again though. Such a powerhouse of a club night.

As usual, DC-10 also had a few Friday night events in peak season such as the annual Diynamic showcase, then Game Over's ONE NIGHT STAND for three dates (two with Coxy) and for the first time ever, there was a Boiler Room event too. Most of those events did really well too.

The San Rafael venues


The San Rafael club had somewhat of a rollercoaster summer with a lot of highs and lows. All circumstances considered, it still got a very decent result, though it certainly wasn't the same stable season Amnesia used to have in the past five or so years.

The week at Amnesia started with the return of Cocoon, which did a bi-weekly residency alternating with Pyramid who did their second season.

Most of you will know that Cocoon had moved to Pacha last year. It's also no secret that the move didn't really work out: not enough of the Cocoon regulars came to fill the cherries' dance floor and definitely not enough VIPs came to satisfy Pacha's aspirations on table reservations.

Last winter, both Cocoon and Amnesia put their differences aside and agreed that the only place where such a legendary night could celebrate its twentieth anniversary is the venue it all started on the island - and that, of course, was Amnesia.

Cocoon's summer worked really well generally, with a few dates being busier than others.

The closing party and its Afters at Benimussa Park was Cocoon's busiest party in years - it seems no one wanted to miss out on what was a fantastic 24 hour celebration of 20 years of music and friendship.

Cocoon also threw two one-offs in Ushuaïa - one with Underworld in May and then in September a gig no one will forget in a hurry, Kraftwerk's first ever appearance on the island. Plus, Sven Väth also played an intimate all night long set in Underground - what a night that was.

Now, quite a lot of people I spoke to during the summer expected this to be Cocoon's last season.

While it's likely they might not go back to a weekly residency as they used to do in the previous 19 years, I for one am rather sure Cocoon will continue to throw parties on this island that gave them so much (and very much vice versa!). Keep an eye out.

But back to Amnesia now. As mentioned, Cocoon shared Mondays with Pyramid. Pyramid's second season overall went fine, but there were sometimes big differences in attendance from one date to another. It ended on a high, though, with its closing party.

Tuesday nights was Together again. This year mostly a one-floor affair only, focussing on its force, drum & bass. While the night did okay, it certainly also felt fierce competition from elsewhere on the island on that night.

Wednesdays was Amnesia's night off with the exception of July when Steve Aoki reigned on the terrace - in a very successful way.

Thursday night, ABODE was back for their second season at Amnesia. Running the terrace again this summer, ABODE did really well, especially considering the competition it had (Music On at Pacha, Afterlife at Hï just to name two).

We always want to be honest in our end of season review and getting to Amnesia's Friday, we have no choice but to reiterate the obvious: Amnesia did lose one of their best horses in their stable of the past few years, Marco Carola and his night Music On, which moved to Pacha.

From the get-go it was clear any successor night would have a difficult path. One, because stepping into Carola's footsteps is tricky for anyone. Two, because Friday this year was the most combatted day/night of the week with a crazy amount of parties happening.

Anyway, Amnesia brought back Luciano to the venue with his VGBDOS party. I'm gonna make it short, it flopped and the night got pulled smack bang in peak season.

Saturday was the complete opposite then - elrow. Currently the world's most successful party with sell-out events around the globe, no matter where it puts on a show, its Ibiza season was no different.

Always super busy and a lot of dates with the completo sign at Amnesia's door, elrow just keeps on giving - the venue and party go together so well.

Amnesia's week ended with their traditional foam party, the fiesta de La Espuma. It wasn't that traditional this year though, because Amnesia gave the night a spin and moved it into urban musical territory.

From what I can tell, that was a good move. The terrace saw People from Ibiza returning.

So as you can see, Amnesia had a pretty mixed bag of a season. But the total result of Amnesia got a big improvement through Cova Santa, which is owned by Amnesia as well.

Most of the events at Cova Santa did well, with WooMooN regularly packing out the venue and some other parties such as Storytellers, that also boasted incredible decoration. Then as a restaurant, Cova Santa had its best season ever since it became part of the Amnesia group.

I feel the venue has now really established itself on the island and will certainly keep on thriving in future years.


San Rafael's second super-club had even more highs and lows than its neighbour Amnesia.

Privi's week only started on Tuesday as the venue was shut on Mondays. But oh boy, Tuesdays was RESISTANCE and that night was Privilege's clear highlight of the week and season.

While attendance to RESISTANCE always depended a bit on whether Carl Cox was playing or not, it generally had a very good summer and satisfied many a techno lover's need to have a proper rave in what's officially still the biggest club in the world. Well done team RESISTANCE.

On Wednesdays, Manycome happened in Privilege's smaller room Vista Club. A female artist focus techno night, it ran an entire season, but without making too much noise.

Thursday was a night off for Privilege, then SuperMartXé was back at the venue for Friday nights. With some decent line ups and the weekend crowd arriving on the island, the result was also pretty decent.

One night of the weekend had been Privilege's urban night for a few years now. Since 2016, it was always either Friday or Saturday night that would have an urban or Latin direction (or a combo of both). This year it was the Saturday and the new night BRUTAL.

BRUTAL wasn't a blockbuster but overall did really well - also their one-off Maluma concert in July.

Privilege's week ended on a high, Solid Grooves in Vista Club. A favourite with both workers and tech house fans, Solid Grooves had a really decent summer.

The San Antonio venues


Eden had worked really hard last winter and put together a really good programme. The reward was its best season in recent years and especially the second part of the week was stellar.

Monday's IDOL was maybe not the strongest start to the week. Orbital did a few gigs (less than originally planned) and even if it had some really interesting artists (Worakls, anyone?), the night didn't exactly smash things.

On Tuesdays EDEN was mostly closed. Then on Wednesday it was time for Tronic, Christian Smith's techno night. The night didn't exactly pack out the club, but it was alwasy busy enough.

Now here is where Eden's week got really going: Thursday was all about SHINE. Paul Van Dyk's night that was born in Privilege's Vista Club last year and moved to EDEN this summer.

SHINE had a really good run and was the club's second busiest event. Personally, I also think it was a wise decision to move one of the very few trance events left on the island to San Antonio where people simply can walk to the club.

Friday's Defected was without the shadow of a doubt San An's busiest event on a weekly basis and even if you consider the island overall, it was one of the most successful Friday nighters this summer.

Hats off to team Defected for such a consistently fantastic working night. Very well done and well-earned after 20 years in the business.

Saturdays meant WNDRLND. The third strongest night at EDEN this summer according to the club, it was a good house music night and caught a lot of weekend visitors.

EDEN's week ended with the return of Toolroom to the island. While Toolroom's a really well-respected label and lots of people were happy to see them back on the island, the truth is it wasn't an easy summer for them.

I think it was simply down to the fact too many similar nights made hard competition - Warriors at Octan and Solid Grooves at Privilege for example. And then you've got Solomun at Pacha plus Glitterbox at Hï too, which were just two more very popular nights with a lot of people.


Regarded by many as Ibiza's most beautiful night club, it's undeniable Es Paradis sadly has had a somewhat difficult summer overall. Its water party as well as its glow paint party both still do attract people, but hardly ever fill the venue.

Moreover, the club's simply missing a proper injection of fresh blood and/or a night with a decent headliner that would bring in new people that never have made the trip to Es Paradis just yet.

A short snapshot only, but there is really not much more I could add with the exception of the annual Clockwork weekend which also stops in Es Paradis and for once a summer completely packs out the venue.

One final thing, irrespective of the above, Es Paradis is the last remaining big club to close on the island in 2019. It's programme continues until the venue closing on Saturday 19 October.


Wow. What a summer for Ibiza Rocks. Never before had the venue seen so many weekly events. Some of the changes made last winter - transforming the pool into a paddling pool, enabling you to actually dance while stood in it - were simply genius.

Truly there's no one that understands daytime clubbing as well as team IR and that also showed in their slogan of this summer - daylife...instead of nightlife.

On Mondays, MK did his Area 10 party and when MK calls the masses answer the phone.

In the late season, Ibiza Rocks put up La Discothèque, a house and disco event with really good line ups. The intention was to target a more mature crowd than what you usually see at Ibiza Rocks. It's no secret Ibiza Rocks mainly cater for some of the youngest Ibiza heads.

Tuesday was the first highlight of the week with the return of Craig David and his TS5 pool party. I think by now it's safe to say this event has turned into a staple on the island and is one of the most successful urban events.

For Wednesday afternoons, Ibiza Rocks secured Bongos Bingo which had been in Eden last year. In 2018 it was sort of the surprise of the season and moving it daytime for this summer was a good decision it seems.

Maybe not always full to the brim, but one of the funniest parties on the island no doubt.

Thursdays were all about Rudimental who returned for another summer. Similar as with Craig David, it's an event that just keeps on giving.

On Fridays, Ibiza Rocks ran Cuckoo Land for its third summer. One of Ibiza Rocks' only electronic music events, it grew this summer and is now a staple within their weekly programme.

Saturdays at IR were an urban affair with Applebum. After successfully launching the brand in the UK, this was their first weekly residency on the White Isle and from what I can tell, it went pretty well.

Sundays at Ibiza Rocks meant rest day, with the exception of three dates with Superfoxx and a full on girl power action with the likes of Kelis, Melanie C and Stefflon Don.

Resuming, Ibiza Rocks has come a long way from running its rock concerts. Nowadays it is San Antonio's most successful venue and the switch to daytime pool parties was a genius move - well done team Rocks.


Similar as with Ibiza Rocks, O Beach had a fantastic season as well. Whereas Ibiza Rocks banks on specific artists and generally good line ups, O Beach is maybe more about the vibe and the party as such.

Plus, its mostly very accessible ticket prices basically make O Beach a no-brainer for anyone in San An.

O Beach's week started with Hed Kandi on Monday and Kisstory on Tuesday.

Two very successful days with Hed Kandi more focussing on the funky house end while Kisstory included some old school bangers as well and from what I can tell, Kisstory was the venue's number one event this summer.

Wednesdays and Thursdays were taken by HotBed and ONE respectively. HotBed being ABODE's housey side and ONE being an urban event, both of them also did really well.

Fridays was again O Beach's traditional pool party, and while it might have lost its number one spot to Kisstory, it was still a firm number two.

The weekend at O Beach consisted of Soul Heaven on Saturays and a combo of monthly residencies such as SIN Sundays, Ibiza Spray, House In Paradise and Boat Club.

While I think Saturday might still be the quietest day at the venue (quiet as in 'not packed'), the various Sunday parties did super well again.


One of Ibiza's most beautiful outdoor venues, Benimussa Park did their traditional Zoo Project parties again on Sundays this year. A firm favourite with locals, workers and tourists alike, it keeps on being one of the best options for a Sunday evening shindig.

Apart from that, the venue tried to implement a few other weekly residencies this year, but truth be told, it didn't exactly go according to plan.

On the other hand though, Benimussa Park was again responsible for some of the best and biggest one-off parties of the season: Clockwork Orange's Clockstock party, the two-day Captured Festival which was the climax of the Ibiza Trance week.

Two fantastic afterparties right at the end of the season, one for Cocoon and its 20 year anniversary celebrations and the other one just this Monday for Solomun which turned into the proper season closing get together. Wow.

Last, but not least...

the Ibiza 2019 summer season in general

Well, you may have heard that Ibiza 2018 (I'm referring to last year, it's not a typo!) wasn't the best. That is true - after years of growth and success left, right and centre, I think it was actually 2017 when Ibiza hit a ceiling.

For various reasons, last summer indeed wasn't the strongest season ever. Obviously, the question for everyone on the island was whether Ibiza 2019 would be back on track or if the Ibiza boom was gone.

The verdict? Personally I do think 2019 was quite a bit better than the year before. But will we get back to the highs of pre-2017? Time will tell and there's so many factors that play a role.

One, destinations that weren't in fashion in those years (Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt) are now heavily part of the market again. Two, the general price level on the Balearics compared to lots of other destinations in the Mediterranean is still decisive for lots of holidaymakers.

Three, electronic music lovers now having more choices than a decade ago (Croatia festivals, festivals in the UK and pretty much everywhere else in continental Europe too, Mykonos,...). All that has an impact.

But...seriously though. Waking up just before noon, slightly jaded from the night before. Getting your body down to Salinas beach somehow. Slowly getting back to life to the tunes at Sa Trinxa. Dip in the sea which completely resets you and then late lunch close by.

Sunset at Es Vedra. Dinner in Ibiza Town followed by a few drinks with views to Dalt Vila. Head to the club for 2AM.

This on repeat for as long as you're here, maybe with slight modifications day on day, but always surrounded with your nearest and dearest and thousands of others who feel just like you. No other destination in the world can match that for five months straight per year.

Seek as much as you like, you won't find a second Ibiza.

See you next year. Over and out.

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