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Climate and weather on Ibiza

An overview of the Ibizan climate, including tips for each month about weather, events and what clothes to pack.


Summer season - May until October

The summer season and the first really warm beach days begin in May, with beautiful clear, sunny days and temperatures in the mid-twenties.

Between the months of June and September, there is very little rain fall. In August and September the temperature rises to over 30 degrees Celsius. With water temperatures of 25 - 27 degrees Celsius, beach babes are in their element!

What to pack?

May, June and September - During the evening you'll need a jersey, sweatshirt or light jacket, especially for windy days.

July and August - Now it's really hot, so you'll only have to pack beachwear like t-shirts and shorts for the day and loose fitting tops for the evening. Thin cotton trousers are popular with the locals.

October - Better to bring a couple of warm jerseys and a jacket as there can be some rainy and windy days, when the temperatures go down to 17 degrees Celsius.

See our pages for the weather on Ibiza in May, June, July, August, September and October, including tips for events and what to wear.

Winter season - November to April

Ibiza has a remarkably mild climate - even in the winter season the temperature rarely drops under 0 degrees Celsius. From November to April the average daytime temperature is about 15 degrees celsius - however when the sun comes out this can rapidly climb to 25 degrees Celsius.

It does rain - but a general rule of thumb is that it only rains for thee days at a time (at least that's what us locals say!). The rest of the time the sun shines down from clear, blue skies - have a look at our photos (winter season on Ibiza) to see what we mean!

See our pages for the weather on Ibiza in November, December, January, February, March and April, including tips for events and what to wear.

365 days in Ibiza

Although not thought of as an all-year-round destination – Ibiza will surprise you.

Yes, summer is for partying, spending warm evenings under star-filled skies, swimming in the crystal clear sea and living life on the beach. Then in November Ibiza throws off its hedonistic image and settles down to more peaceful times.

Winter sunshine becomes a refreshing change to the summer heat, brisk walks on deserted beaches replace cooling dips and the flower filled countryside is a beautiful change from the dryness of summer.

What doesn't change is the quality of restaurants that can be visited, the fiestas and celebrations that continue throughout the year, the shopping opportunities and the leisurely pace of life.

And all year round there are great events taking place on Ibiza, which are very popular with island residents and holidaymakers alike - find them all in our events' calendar and in our article series Things to do this month.

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