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Weather, events and what to wear in Ibiza in April

The whole island is covered in a beautiful dress of flowers and green meadows. As for events, Easter celebrations are an important part of the Ibizan traditions.


In April the whole island is at its most beautiful, with green fields and lots of wild flowers blossoming. In the countryside, poppies are starting to appear and soon whole fields will be red with their blooms. April is a lovely time of year to capture Ibiza on camera.

Around Easter already many direct flights are offered and the first hotels and beach restaurants open their doors. April is a great month to visit the island for some cycling and walking.


Easter celebrations (dependent on the calendar) are held in Santa Eulalia and Ibiza Town. During the early evening a sombre procession usually starts from the main church following a service. Locals dress as Roman soldiers, or as penitents. Still more carry the huge religious floats decorated with flowers and a band plays a slow march - it's a real spectacle.

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Weather: 11-23 degrees
Daywear: Layers so you can disrobe when the sun warms up. Also it can be quite showery in April, so be prepared.
Evening: light coat or warm jumpers