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Weather, events and what to wear in Ibiza in June

The weather is beginning to heat up - as is the clubbing season.

June is one of the nicest months to visit the island. The weather is really beginning to heat up, but temperatures still stay below 30 degrees and the resorts and beaches are not yet so crowded.

There is hardly any rain, so leave the raincoats and umbrellas at home! The water is still refreshing, which makes a bath in the crystal clear waters pure joy - take your snorkel instead! 

In June, the island is bathed in a stunning clear light - it's no wonder so many artists choose Ibiza as their home. The colours shine with incredible radiance - now you can take particularly beautiful Instagram shots.


Promoter parties are now up and running in all the famous Ibiza clubs. Check the calendar to find out when all the parties are. This is the time that the clubbing season really starts and everyone is out in their finery, so make sure you pack your best outfits!

In mid-June, the centre of Ibiza Town turns into a colourful fiesta for diversity, equality and acceptance, with the Ibiza Gay Pride. Ibiza has a thriving gay community and is a very popular destination for all LGBTQI+ holidaymakers.

On Saint John's Eve, the 23rd of June, the start of the summer is celebrated throughout Spain with the Fiesta de San Juan featuring fireworks and bonfires. In Ibiza, the largest celebrations happen in the village of San Juan. It’s an evening full of traditions and fun, in which everyone can take part.

For more events in June check out our events calendar

Weather: 18-26 degrees
Daywear: swimwear, strappy tops/t-shirts, linen and shorts
Evening: Mostly the same, but if you are dining outside, bring a light shirt or jumper.

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