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Galleries and museums on Ibiza

Ibiza's galleries feature acclaimed artists from all over the world, whilst its museums explore the rich, deep history of this spectacular island and much more in between.


Art galleries and festivals

Ibiza is a rich cultural melting pot of influences from around the world expressed through the many artists that live here, many of whom have settled from other countries. It's no surprise that in the last century, Ibiza became a refuge for artists, painters and sculptors that came to the island looking for a liberated place where they could express themselves more freely.

The clear light of the island is particularly loved by painters and photographers who have catalogued the many facets of the island's rich culture. Everything from the landscape to the hippies to old Ibizan traditions have been captured in art.

For decades Ibiza has had a large number of privately owned art galleries and in the past few years interesting new ones have been opened by the great and the good of the art world. These include Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté's Lune Rouge in Ibiza Town or serial gallerist Lio Malca's art exhibitions spaces La Nave near Santa Gertrudis and La Nave Salinas in the small harbour from where salt is shipped out at the far right hand side end of Las Salinas beach.

Other interesting art galleries include the Club de Diario de Ibiza and Espacio Micus near Jesús. Many restaurants on the island also show the works of local artists in one-off exhibitions, for example the Art Café Can Tixedo near San Rafael and the El Naranjo Restaurant in Santa Eulalia.

Art meets culture in the annual Bloop festival, which provides comment on global issues through art with a major project to turn Ibiza into an open air gallery, as you will see expressed through gigantic murals, like the ones in San Antonio and Ibiza Town. At this festival, expect live installations, interactive workshops and of course music as you would expect of the White Isle.

There are numerous other art exhibitions on the island, find more on Facebook. The Art Club Ibiza also promotes interesting art exhibitions on its Facebook page.


The island has many, quite interesting museums, such as the excellent MACE contemporary art museumin the old town of Ibiza, which really punches above its weight in quality for a small island, featuring major international artists.

The Museo Puget, also located in Ibiza town, shows the works of two famous artist sons of Ibiza, Puget Viñas and Puget Riquer. Set in a beautiful old palace, the museum divides up the works of the painters in two different galleries and regularly other exhibitions, such as photos of Ibiza in the past.

The Archaeological Museum is set over two sites, one in Dalt Vila and the other in the Phoenician necropolis of Puig des Molins. Both take you on a journey of the many communities that have lived on Ibiza during its long history with a display of artefacts found on the island from Punic and Roman times.

The Madina Yabisa Interpretation Centre near the Ibiza Town's cathedral uses modern audio-visual technology to show the history of the city, focusing on the Islamic era and Arab fortifications.

Near the church of Santa Eulalia you will find an old country house which is home to the Ethnographic Museum of Ibiza. It shows the island's former more pastoral way of life, with all manner of household utensils and farming equipment. There's also jewellery, traditional costumes, musical instruments and even weapons. Here you can drift away and imagine life on the island a couple of hundred years ago.

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