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San Antonio Fiestas: Sant Bartomeu

San Antonio's big summer fiesta comes loaded with activities for everyone.

Every day from 9 August 2022 until 2 September 2022
From: 12:00


The fiestas of Sant Bartomeu in San Antonio are the second most important religious festivity in the town. Coinciding with the summer season, it is the perfect excuse to develop a wide programme of events, ranging from walks, activities for children, performances, gastronomic contests, live music concerts, markets and much more.

The big day is 24 August, the day of Sant Bartomeu (Saint Bartholomew, patron saint of San Antonio) and on this date a solemn mass is celebrated followed by processions, traditional dances, live performances and much more.

Among the numerous activities that take place annually, it is worth mentioning the great fireworks display that illuminates the beautiful bay, the famous gastronomic contest "s'Ou", taking the egg as the main ingredient, and the fun Carthaginians vs Romans party in s'Arenal beach, a fun historical recreation in which the two fight in a friendly battle using ripe tomatoes.

You can check the full programme of activities here.