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Es Paradis, Ibiza

Beautiful club on the San Antonio waterfront.


Most beautiful club on the island? Quite possibly, and as the name suggests, it certainly has a paradise feel to it. A labyrinth cum secret garden that oozes glam, Es Paradis has been around since the mid '70s and is one of the original charms of Ibiza's nightlife.

A rite of passage for most people who stay in San Antonio, Es Paradis excels in dazzling Ibiza Virgins, and their infamous water party (Fiesta del Agua) is the ultimate holiday clubbing experience.

While Es Paradis doesn't book the international superstar DJs you find at the island's other clubs, it takes a different, but equally effective approach. Namely, by guaranteeing a fun night no matter the night of the week without relying on box office names, thus ensuring that the price of admission and cost of drinks behind the bar are kept in a sensible ball park.

With its Roman-like columns, creeping vines, multi-tiered layout and mural walls, Es Paradis really does create a sense of wonder as you walk in - especially for first-timers. There's even a second room upstairs as well as the Blue Room, which can serve as a venue in its own right.

Es Paradis does dabble with specialised music genres to keep things varied, but more often than not it keeps things accessible to the casual clubber. Multiple nights offers radio-friendly dance hits, Hip-Hop and R&B music that everybody is familiar with.

Famous for: Water Parties, spectacular décor and design, a retractable pyramid roof, being one of Ibiza's oldest clubs

Popular Parties: Fiesta del Agua, Mon Cheri

How to get there: Located in the centre of San Antonio and a 5-10 minute walk from San Antonio's major bus station, it is easy reachable by any bus that goes to San An. Disco buses connect from Ibiza Town and Playa d'en Bossa all night. Taxis cost about €25-€30 from Ibiza or Playa d'en Bossa and about €15 from further parts of San Antonio Bay (see taxi fares).

Prices: Es Paradis is generally cheaper than the super-clubs. You'll get tickets for the parties for €25 to €40. Find drinks prices in our forum thread).

Quick tip: Don't try and get into the Fiesta del Agua (Water Party) with swimming shorts or trunks as you probably won't get in. Wear them underneath your usual threads!

Where to stay: Hotels and apartments in San Antonio or neighbouring San Antonio Bay.

Resort: San Antonio, Ibiza

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