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Holiday tips - Ibiza taxi fares

If there are three or four of you travelling, taxis are a comfortable and relatively economical way to travel.


You can flag a taxi down at any time of night and day if the green light is showing, as long as you are more than 300 metres away from the next taxi rank. It's always best to only use legal taxis: recognisable by their blue, rear number plate.

There are taxi ranks at the airport and in all towns and resorts. You can also ask the reception of your holiday accommodation to call you a taxi (or call yourself, see the numbers below). Taxis are charged on a meter system (similar to the rest of Europe).

In the high season (July, August and September) there are often long queues at the airport taxi rank. We recommend booking an airport transfer in advance.

If you travel with small children, be aware that the taxi centres are not obliged to offer a taxi with baby or children's seats, so it is best to bring your own, including bumper seats.

Current fares as approved by the Balearic Government

Charges from 1 May 2023:

  • Minimum fare on the street: €4.00
  • With booking through phone call: €5.45
  • Plus €1.21/km from 07:00 - 21:00
  • Plus €1.47/km from 21:00 - 07:00; from 15:00 on Saturdays Sundays and bank holidays
  • Supplement airport/port: €2.00
  • Waiting time: daytime €21.70/hour, night time, Sundays and bank holidays €26.57/hour
  • Luggage free of charge

Approximate taxi fares

From the airport and between the large resorts, depending on the time of day, from a taxi rank (add € 1.45 when calling a taxi):

  • Airport - Ibiza Town €19 - €22
  • Airport - Playa d'en Bossa €11 - €14
  • Airport - San Antonio €33 - €38
  • Airport - Santa Eulalia €33 - €38
  • Ibiza Town - Playa d'en Bossa €13 - €16
  • Ibiza Town - San Antonio €25 - €30
  • Ibiza Town - Santa Eulalia €23 - €27

Where to call a taxi

  • Nitax Ibiza Town - 971 45 45 45
  • Radio Taxi San José - 971 80 00 80 (also airport)
  • Radio Taxi San Antonio - 971 34 37 64
  • Radio Taxi Santa Eulalia - 971 33 33 33
  • Radio Taxi San Juan - 971 33 33 33
  • Radio Taxi Formentera - 971 32 23 42

The main number by Radio Taxi for the whole island: 971 33 33 33 (except Ibiza Town).

Taxi app

You can also order a taxi via the Taxi-Click app, available for iOS and Android.


Uber has been available on Ibiza since November 2023. They have a dynamic pricing system, so according to availability, a ride with Uber can be cheaper or more expensive than a taxi. The advantage is that you can see the price already before your trip, which you book via the app.

The above information is correct to the best of our knowledge but may be subject to change.


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