Activities and things to do in Ibiza

On water

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Boat trips

Sparkling, warm, crystal-clear waters - we show you the...
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On land

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Cycling, walking & running

To discover the natural beauty of the coast and countryside...
  • Island tours

    The best way to see Ibiza is to hire a car (or moped/...
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  • Guided Excursions

    Experience the beauty and diversity of Ibiza and Formentera...
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  • Mind, body and soul

    Ibiza is a haven for 'Healers' and 'Coaches' – in all forms...
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  • Fashion & shopping

    If you like shopping, you'll love Ibiza. Ibiza has...
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Interesting links

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Events calendar

What's on today in Ibiza? Daily calendar of activities and...
  • Adrenaline & fun

    Surrounded by beautiful seas, rich in good weather,...
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  • Car & scooter hire

    BOOK NOW - selected car and scooter hire companies on Ibiza.
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  • Things to do on Formentera

    For such a small island Formentera has a lot to offer -...
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  • Markets

    Ibiza is well known for its hippy, artisan and street...
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