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Sustainability news and eco-friendly businesses to help protect and enjoy the environment on Ibiza.


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Sustainability Matters – June 2022

This month, IbizaPreservation offers a timely reminder why...
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Eco-friendly businesses

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Zero waste shop Pachamama

San Antonio, Ibiza
This eco-store in San Antonio makes...
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Eco-sustainable activities

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Sup Paradise Ibiza

San Antonio, Ibiza
In the knowing hands of native Ruben...
  • Walking Ibiza

    See Ibiza's natural beauty on foot with Walking Ibiza's...
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  • Ibiza Horse Valley

    San Juan, Ibiza
    Located close to San Juan, Ibiza Horse...
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  • Running Ibiza

    Ibiza Town (Eivissa)
    Enjoy Ibiza as a terrific place to...
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  • E-bike tours Es Figueral

    San Carlos, Ibiza
    Great island tours taking in...
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