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Food Review: Sa Capella - A triumphant return for a historic classic

San Antonio's crown jewel sparkles brighter than ever.

When it comes to restaurants, Ibiza has become renowned for having the best in style and flavours. Whether it's a simple beach side lunch or sophisticated candle lit dining, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Our pages guide you to the pick of Ibiza's' dining, specially selected by our team for quality, value, service and, that something extra that our visitors demand – ambience.

Browse our restaurant guide which gives you a range of easy-to-use features, including real-time opening and closing hours and restaurant search by location, ambience, and cuisine, reservation form and link to the restaurants' own websites.

So, as the locals say: "Bon profit" = Bon appetit

And if you're looking to prolong the fun after dinner with good music and drinks, check out our cocktail and music bar guide to discover some of the island's legendary spots. 

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