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Villas near Ibiza Town

Beautiful villas within 10 minutes of vibrant Ibiza Town...

Villas by bedrooms

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2 bedrooms

Villas on Ibiza with two bedrooms, ideal for small families...
  • 3 bedrooms

    Villas with three bedrooms.
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  • 4 bedrooms

    Villas with 4 bedrooms.
    from 00
  • 5 bedrooms

    Villas on Ibiza with 5 bedrooms ideal for groups and large...
    from 00
  • 6 bedrooms

    Villas on Ibiza with 6 bedrooms. Ideal for groups, retreats...
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Villas by type

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Villas near beaches

The following villas are either within walking distance or...
  • Family-friendly villas

    The following villas have been carefully selected by Ibiza...
    from 00
  • Villas for clubbers

    For clubbers we have selected the following villas as they...
    from 00
  • Luxury villas

    Luxury villas for VIPs and those who want to enjoy an...
    from 00
  • Wedding villas

    Ibiza, the island of love, is a favourite destination for...
    from 00

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