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Holiday Tips - Ladies first

Helpful advice on safety, clothes, beauty, cosmetics and holidays with children.


We can assure you that Ibiza is a safe island, with rape and mugging being almost unheard of. However, just like at home, there are a few rules to bear in mind...

Going out alone at night

Ibiza, of course, is a party island and people are here to have fun. Consequently, flirting is a very popular summer pastime and whilst Ibiza does have a reputation for being an easy place to "pick up" girls, generally speaking a clear and firm "no" is all that is required if confronted with unwanted attention. Just use your common sense, as you would anywhere else, and don't put yourself at unnecessary risk. Make sure that you are always in a place where others are around.


Hitchhiking is a very common way for people to get around Ibiza, however if you are a woman on your own, we do not recommend it. There are excellent public transport services, and the disco buses that run all through the night are a very cheap way of traveling no matter where you are staying on the island. Taxis are plentiful and reasonably cheap too.

If you are determined to hitchhike, then do so only during daylight hours and make sure that the driver is female, or that there is at least one other female in the car.

Clothes & Dressing up (or down)


On Ibiza, anything goes, so don't be afraid to pack your most outrageous and colourful clothes to bring with you on holiday!

In the height of the summer season - during July and August - temperatures can reach over 30 degrees even at night, so light and airy clothes are a must, and you will probably find dresses and skirts more comfortable than trousers. It is a good idea to bring a light cotton wrap, a sarong or a "pareo" to cover you up and protect your skin during the day as you are walking to and from the beach, or to the shops and bars.

From May to mid-June, and mid-September to the end of October, it can get a little cooler, so light jumpers or jackets are often required in the evenings. As is evidenced by the lush greenery of the island, Ibiza is not without occasional rainfall, so a light waterproof jacket in your suitcase will cover you for all eventualities.

It is also worth noting that some hotel restaurants insist on long trousers for the evening meal, so if you are holidaying with a man, make sure he packs a pair or two!

Topless sunbathing is very normal here on Ibiza and accepted either on the beach on by the hotel pool. There are two official nudist beaches at Es Cavallet in the south, and Aguas Blancas on the north-east coast below Cala San Vicente.


Clothes shopping

There is a plethora of boutiques and ladies' clothes shops to be enjoyed on Ibiza, and in particular, the Port of Ibiza is famous for its outrageous fashion and styles. The stores are dazzling to look around, but it is always worth contemplating, before making a rash and expensive purchase, whether you will actually wear these new clothes at home...or whether they are really worth the price for perhaps just one evening out on the town? Before hammering your credit card, pop across to the new part of Ibiza Town, near the Avenida de Espana and the Calle Aragon. This is where the locals shop, the prices are far lower, and you often get the same choice. All of the other towns and resorts, especially Santa Eulalia and San Antonio, have a good selection of clothes shops and you will not be stuck for choice when it comes to clothes shopping!

If you are lucky enough to be in Ibiza from the middle of September, you will be able to take advantage of the "rebajas" or sales. The shop owners have to sell their surplus stock as there is no winter season on the island, so discounts of up to 50% are quite normal.

Food Shopping

There are many small supermarkets in all resorts, and even in some hotels, to stock up on important supplies. If you have rented a car, it is worth a visit to the large supermarkets on the main road between Ibiza and San Antonio and on the main roads leading out of Ibiza towards Santa Eulalia and San José. There is more choice here, and the prices are a cheaper.

More about Shopping

Tip: Cheap fresh fruit and vegetables can be bought from the little stands on the sides of most main roads on the island.


It is not advisable to bring babies younger than two years in the months of July and August - it is quite simply too hot. For older children, we can not stress enough the importance of suncream. Babyfood is available in most supermarkets and also chemists (Farmacias). Use the highest possible factor, and remember to re-apply after swimming - a completely waterproof suncream has not yet been invented.

Babysitting Babyphones do work over here, although you might need to buy an adaptor from a local supermarket. Many hotels offer a babysitting service at the reception.

Cosmetics & Beauty

The most important thing to bring with you is your suncream, and do use a high protection factor. You will still get a good tan, but will not risk painful "lobster pink" skin for the first few days. Suncreams, along with most beauty products, are expensive to buy on Ibiza, so it is best to bring your favourites with you.

The Pill

The contraceptive pill is very cheap here, and available to buy over the counter in all chemists (Farmacias). You can show or tell the chemist the brand name that you use, and they will give you the Spanish equivalent.

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