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Aguas Blancas beach (Aigües Blanques)

Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. BEACH CLOSED.


PLEASE NOTE - The authorities have decided to close access to Aguas Blancas beach since July 2023. Due to waves and storms, the strip of sand is currently very narrow, so there is an increased risk of being hit by falling stones from the cliff at various sections of the beach. The walls of the cliffs are to be secured in summer 2024, but no date has yet been set. The beach will remain closed until then. Entering the beach is still possible at your own risk - but it is not recommended.

Location: 10 minutes' drive from San Carlos
Facilities: Loungers, parasols, restaurant, lifeguards (in the middle part) - NO FACILITIES AT THE MOMENT AS THE BEACH IS CLOSED
Size: 300 m long and 15 m wide
Getting there: Reached only by car. On the road from San Carlos to Cala San Vicente, turn right at the Aigües Blanques sign. If you follow the lane straight on, you come to the middle of the beach where there is a paid parking (CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) at the top of the cliff; the access to the beach is down a steep walkway and some steps.

Aguas Blancas is one of the favourite beaches for island residents. Backed with beautifully coloured and textured high cliffs, it has unblemished surroundings with a dramatic effect. The beach has golden sand that is soft and fine, and the seabed is also sandy but with some rocks dotted around - so watch your step!

It is an official nudist beach but still very mixed; some go naked, others don't. If baring all is of interest to you, click here to learn about our favourite nudist beaches. And don't be alarmed if you find people walking around covered in a reddish mud - adding a bit of water to the dirt from the cliffs makes a paste which is very beneficial for the skin!

With the right wind, Aguas Blancas can often have a good swell, with good sized waves for a bit of body surfing. On less windy days, the water is incredibly clear and perfect for snorkelling – there are two interesting rocks only 30 m away from the shore, and on the right end of the beach, a little cove can be discovered.

Due to the quite difficult access, the beach isn't crowded even in August, the peak of summer. On the far left, there is an area which is only reachable over a rocky part on the shore; here no loungers are found and it is incredibly peaceful.

The far right end of this beach with its rustic beach bar (see below) is very popular with locals. It is only a small stretch of sand, which can get quite crowded in summer.

Spotlight tips: This beach is at its best in the morning and at midday, as the high cliffs cast shade in late afternoon. For the early risers among you, it's a fantastic spot to watch the sunrise. If you want to go nude, the areas at the far ends are the most popular with naturists.

Beach bars and restaurants- CLOSED FOR 2023

In the middle part, there is a beach restaurant, the terrace a few metres above the beach offers great sea views.

At the right end of the beach, there is a much-loved small rustic beach bar frequented by the hippy fraternity, locals and holidaymakers alike.

Nearest resort

The town of Santa Eulalia with a wide choice of hotels and apartments. There are also plenty of nice holiday villas available in this more remote area.

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