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Aguas Blancas - picture perfect prettiness

Featured Ibiza beach

Where and what?

Around four kilometres from the village of San Carlos in the north east of Ibiza lies the beach of Aguas Blancas, so called for the white foamy spray that hits the sea shore. Officially a nudist beach, though non-nudists can stick to the first stretch of sand and the one to the right. Make sure you go there for the morning up to around mid afternoon, as the sun disappears from early evening.

Why go?

The surrounding high cliff faces make this place very scenic and a touch dramatic. Its sands are a rich gold colour plus the sea is nicely shallow for safe bathing, though watch out for rocks on the mainly sandy seabed. You also get some magnificent panoramic views taking in the islets of Tagomago and Punta Grossa.

Things to do

You can explore the many caves and rocks around the beach, snorkel in the bright blue waters and on windy days take the body board. Take advantage of the lovely views and have a beach picnic of go to the chiringuito restaurant. Mainly this beach is about relaxing and baring all as nature intended on one of the three stretches of beach to the left. The further you go, the fewer people there are, a blessing for first timers.

How to get there

Take the road from San Carlos towards Cala San Vicente and turn right when you see the sign for the beach. From here, drive straight until you come to the free car park. If there's no room there, continue up the hill tpo the paid-for parking spaces. Then walk and descend a steep path until you reach some wooden stairs and there you are. The 16b bus from Es Figueral stops around half a kilometre away from the beach too.

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