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Great nudist beaches on Ibiza and Formentera

Bare all to worship the sea, sun and sky.

Ibiza and Formentera both have many nudist beaches where an all-over body tan is easily achieved. That and the freedom of being clothes-free, swimming and feeling the sea touch your entire body is the ultimate in liberation. Try it once and you'll never go back to clothed bathing.

Here are some of our favourite nudist spots for you to try out.

Es Cavallet

South Ibiza

Close to Playa d'en Bossa, Es Cavallet, an official nudist beach, is very popular with those who love to bare all. Its waters are beautifully transparent and snorkelling is a dream as it's all rocky and teeming with marine life.

This beach is half gay and half straight. From the car park, you'll be in the "hetero" part of the beach, where there are two beach restaurants. Continuing on down, after turning right, will take you directly to the gay part with a gay chiringuito at the end.

Walk via the sand dunes and make sure to stop and drink in the vistas of Ibiza Town's walled citadel, Dalt Vila, by looking to the left or turn to the right and see Ibiza's magical sister island, Formentera.

Ibiza Spotlight tip: Go to the gay (south) end for the most marvellous snorkelling experience.

Punta Galera

Close to Cala Salada, Ibiza

Mainly a nudist area rather than a beach, Punta Galera is a place of natural wonder and is an essential item for your nude bathing days. Its lack of sand means it's less visited, so even more reason to go there, tear off what you are wearing and salute the sun gods.

An old quarry, its stone terraces have been worn by time and the elements and take you to an almost prehistoric world of wonder and beauty. Its waters are as crystalline as you'll see anywhere and with lots of little enclaves you can find a spot to bathe nude without fear of being disturbed. Take food and drink to this isolated spot.

Ibiza Spotlight tip: Stick around for the glorious sunset.

Las Salinas

South Ibiza

The long beach of Las Salinas is not entirely nudist, though fear not as there are places where you can go and strip off. Walk past the Sa Trinxa beach bar and you will come to some small bays that are very popular amongst nudists.

You will also see nude bathers on the sand close to the bar, near a small stretch of sand where the water is met with a rocky entrance. This section seems to be nude mainly in the mornings, though really any time of day is good.

You can explore the entire long crescent-shaped beach at your leisure. This is a very trendy beach, beloved by celebrities. This beach, in the main, cannot be called quiet in the summer. This is more than compensated for by the large number of excellent beach bars and restaurants, into which you can slip and chill out with background Balearic beats.

Ibiza Spotlight tip: Find the small bays for the utmost privacy.

Cala Escondida

Cala Conta (Platjes de Comte), SW Ibiza

Cala Escondida (Hidden Cove), or Es Racó d’en Xic to use its proper name, is an increasingly popular nudist beach that forms part of the Platges de Comte. To get there, you need to follow signs for Cala Comte and use the public car parks.

Although small and compact, everyone is happy to spare the intimate space, rubbing, err shoulders with their neighbours whether clothed or naked. There is crystal-clear water to snorkel in around the rugged coastline and the infamous ‘Rave Cave’ is also nearby to explore.

The popular chiringuito here is possibly one of the nicest on the island, where ‘everything is made with love’. The friendly owners serve up great value food and drink all day until the sun sets in all its spectacular glory.

Ibiza Spotlight tip: Arriving early is highly recommended.

Aguas Blancas

Close to San Carlos, Ibiza

Aguas Blancas is a nudists' paradise. Walk to the left, perhaps wading through shallow waters, depending on the time of day and tide and you will find three stretches of sand and lots of fellow naked bathers. The third stretch, reached by clambering over rocks, is totally nudist.

Aguas Blancas literally means "white waters" and refers to the sweet water springs which well out of the cliffs at the left far end of the beach: it is a very fitting name, as it applies beautifully to the tender curving lines of creamy spray generated by the sea here.

In common with Ibiza's beautiful beaches, it is possessed of sparkling crystal-clear waters. Snorkelling here is a must as is going early in the day as the sun disappears mid-afternoon.

Protected by cliffs and facing east, this beach is a peaceful haven away from it all in this island's northeast, just outside of San Carlos.

Due to fluctuations in sea level, the beach does suffer from erosion and the cliffs are prone to occasional rockfalls, so caution is advised. Visitors go at their own risk. 

Ibiza Spotlight tip: Go and watch the sunrise here as it's spectacular.

Playa Illetes/Playa Levante - top end


Playa Illetes and Cala Saona photos by Julian Heathcote and Isabelle Sonntag

Definitely, the best of Formentera's nudist beaches is the part above the enchanting Caribbean-like Playa Illetes and Playa Levante. Here you can feel a real escape. There will be a mix of naked and clothed beachgoers and the further north you venture on this stretch of sand, the more the beach clothing will be shed.

Here you will see the most beautiful waters, shallow rock pools, tiny little bay-shaped areas and a wildness that awakens your primordial spirit. It is truly both breathtaking and liberating to be there. Being free of sunbeds is a boon too. You can walk to one of the pricey beach restaurants, though we'd suggest taking a cooler filled with enough food and drink for the time you're there.

Get there by car, scooter or bike as it's a long walk from La Savina or even from the beach entrance when going by bus. Note that the car park fills quickly and that two-wheeled transport is usually allowed in freely with no restrictions.

Ibiza Spotlight tip: Walk north to go and see from afar the pristine private islet of Espalmador. 


Ibiza and Formentera

Many other beaches on Ibiza and Formentera allow nudity. On Ibiza Sa Caleta beach's extremities are good, in the shape of small sandy coves and rocks to the right and on the rocks going left. Cala Nova has a nudist section in the middle too. If you venture to the far left of Cala LlenyaCala Boix or Es Figueral there will be bare flesh too.

On Formentera, Playa Migjorn is nudist around the centre and there are a good number of small beaches where people lose all their clothing too

Some of the above-mentioned beaches are not officially nudist; however, nudity is tolerated. If you are unsure, simply look around and see if there are fellow naked bathers, so you feel assured that you can do the same.

For the complete low-down on beaches on Ibiza, see our comprehensive guides.

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