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The most underrated places on Ibiza

An expert guide to some of the lesser-known places on Ibiza that are truly awe-inspiring.

Ibiza's universal appeal, the internet age and the camera phone means few things are secret nowadays. You find scores of information on the best restaurants, beaches and natural beauty spots at your fingertips - and everybody has their favourites.

For each Dalt Vila (Ibiza Town's walled citadel), Es Vedra and Sunset Strip, there are a dozen other lessser-known wonders that Ibiza offers. Some of our selection here remained local secrets for years, with good reason.

If you do venture out to discover these places, please do so responsibly. They are special and deserve to remain that way, so avoid littering or damaging anything in your path and leave only your footprints. Here is our selection of some of the best awe-inspiring places to visit.

Las PuertAs del Cielo

Surrounded by pine forest, this secluded lookout point just outside of Santa Inés is a real isolated gem. The literal translation of its name is "Heaven's Gate". Named accordingly, because the rocky outcrop in front of it, Ses Margalides, has a natural gate-like arch and the sea seemingly extends into infinity. It's especially beautiful at sunset, though a great spot for a moment of solace at any time of day.

Es Amunts Natural Parkland

Stretching all the way from San Antonio in the west to San Carlos in the east is the 15,000 hectare, protected park of Es Amunts. There's rugged coastline, mountainous peaks, fields and an abundance of indigenous wildlife. Easier to explore are the coastal areas of Cala Xarraca (pictured) San Miguel port and Cala Salada, though as it accounts for over 25% of the island, many more jewels lie within with routes to discover them.

Punta Galera

Just a little further south of Cala Salada on the west coast lies Punta Galera north of San Antonio on the road to Santa Inés. Known for rock formations that form unusual natural shelves, they also provide the perfect flat platform to lay down your towel and soak up the rays. These shelves also double up as a stairway down to the sea, making navigation slightly less hazardous. Totally unspoilt, you won't find any brash beach clubs or loud thudding music here. A rare noise-pollution-free zone. Bliss.

the village of San Juan

The world is getting smaller - and that is equally true of Ibiza. San Juan, however, remains almost in a suspended timelock. The island's nothernmost village is quaint and completely free of international enterprise. Yes, it's virtually a brand-free zone apart from the banks. San Juan can even claim to have some of the most unique building design in all the Balearics. Sundays, which host the ever-popular market, is one of the best times to go for hustle and bustle. You can even sample some delicious homemade Hierbas liqueur.

Salinas to Cap D'es Falco Hike

Towering 136 metres above sea level and home to a variety of birds of prey, Cap des Falco on the southern tip is a rewarding experience as is conquering it. Get some fresh air in your lungs and take the trek from Las Salinas. Be advised, this isn't a walk suitable for novices. With five challenging peaks on the route, you will need to be well equipped and suitably attired. The payoff is the stunning view out across the salt flats (pictured) once you reach the summit.

Secret Beaches

Ibiza's beaches are known the world over. Sometimes, though, it's better to escape the crowds and find your own secluded spot of sand. Two of our favourites are Cala d'Albarca and Cala Llentrisca (pictured). The former is shielded by cliffs on each side, keeping it well hidden. Marvel at the natural bridge of stone at the first beach. Meanwhile, the latter gives great views of Es Vedra from a different perspective, but is considerably less populated than the more popular Cala d'Hort. Peacefully idyllic.

Article revised in September 2019

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