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Weather, events and what to wear in Ibiza in October

The crowds have departed, the weather is cooler and the island's roads and beaches are quieter: this really is one of the best times to visit Ibiza!

With temperatures still relatively high (mid-20s Celsius), October is one of the best months to visit the island, its warm temperatures making it feel more like late summer than the kind of weather we associate with autumn in more northern climes. However, rain showers are not unknown, so come prepared.

As the island's skies are now clear of the haze that affects visibility in summer, it's a favourite time for artists and photographers keen to capture the Mediterranean countryside in all its glory.

The sea is still warm from the summer's heat, making this month ideal for suntanning, swimming, water sports and diving. Outdoor enthusiasts should know it's perfect for walking, cycling and running.


Culturally, there's still plenty going on. A combination of art, culture, and technology, Ibiza Light Festival is held annually in the middle of October. A multi-sensorial event for the whole family, make sure you put this one in your diary. 

With the party season now extending into October and the big closings of the clubs held in the first two weeks, many clubbers regard it as the highlight of the season thanks to the joyous vibe as yet another clubbing season winds down. So, if you're after one last party summer holiday before the arrival of winter, check out our party calendar and book that last big blow-out of the year! 

Weather: 16-25 degrees
Daywear: swimwear, t-shirt, light jacket or sweatshirt
Evening: Bring a couple of warm jerseys and a jacket. Prepare for the odd shower.