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Cycling and walking on Ibiza

To discover the natural beauty of the coast and countryside, get yourself out and about on a bike or go on an organised walk and you will see Ibiza’s nature in all its splendour, both wild and wonderful.


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Ibiza Food Tours

Ibiza Town (Eivissa)
Discover the food and drink of...
  • Easy Walks

    Lovely guided walks designed for groups of all ages and...
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  • Medium Walks

    If your group is reasonably fit and used to walking, these...
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  • Hard Walks

    For seasoned walkers and those with good fitness levels,...
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  • An island discovered with Walking Ibiza

    The Around the Island Adventure offers many rewards and...
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Cycling tours & bike hire

Sant Jordi, Ibiza
Off-road and on-road cycling tours...

Villages on Ibiza

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Santa Gertrudis

This charming village in the heart of the island has a wide...
  • San José

    San José is a charming village with a busy main street, a...
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  • San Juan

    San Juan is a secluded village in the north of the island,...
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  • Santa Inés

    Santa Inés (Santa Agnès in Catalan) lies to the north of...
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  • San Agustín

    San Agustín is one of the prettiest villages on the island...
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