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Weather, events and what to wear in Ibiza in September

With warm weather, fewer crowds and lots still going on, September is one of the best months to visit Ibiza.

September is an ideal month for visiting Ibiza. The peak season has now passed meaning everything is quieter and the island begins to revert to its normal laid-back rhythm. 

It's the perfect time to visit the beach or enjoy drawn-out lunches with friends on the terrace of your favourite restaurant. What's more, the intense heat of the peak summer months is over - in September, temperatures drop down to the upper-20s Celsius. 

Sea temperatures tend to remain around 26°C - the warm and crystal clear waters make swimming and snorkelling pure bliss. 

There is a higher chance of precipitation towards the end of the month, and there might also be a summer thunder storm with some heavy showers, clearing the air and leaving the island wonderful green afterwards.


Culturally, this month's undoubted highlight is the annual Ibiza Jazz Festival, showcasing local and known international artists. Jazz enthusiasts should keep an eye out for the many events held around Ibiza Town; highlights are the concerts on the Santa Lucía bastion up on the walls of the citadel Dalt Vila, with spectacular views. 

In San Antonio the Medieval Mariner's Market is held, four days of fun for all the family. The centre of town becomes a truly magical place, with stands selling products like once in a time, lots of food and music - you might even see singing pirates and dancing mermaids.

In September the clubbing season is still in full swing. While the closings of most clubs are held in October, many promoters are holding their closing parties, which attract many clubbers with interesting headliner DJs and a special vibe.

Weather: 20-27 degrees
Daywear: swimwear, t-shirts, strappy tops, shorts
Evening: light clothing and, later in the month, long sleeves or a light jacket for the evening

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