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Weather, events and what to wear in Ibiza in February

The almond blossom peaks and it is harvest time in the citrus orchards with delicious oranges, lemons and mandarins.

In February, temperatures stay more or less the same as in January. There are lovely sunny days with blue skies and temperatures of up to 16 degrees Celsius. It may rain on some days, something that is mostly welcomed by the locals, as rain in the winter season is much needed to fill up the reservoirs for the dry summer months ahead.

The rain and warm temperatures during the day bring more and more flowers to life, the yellow clover is now joined by other wildflowers blooming in many hues. Almond trees continue to blossom and citrus trees are loaded with ripe oranges and lemons.


Almond blooms often peak between the beginning of the month to midway, when many parts of the island are covered in a pinkish white cloak as all the almond trees burst into full flower. The most famous place to see this spectacular display is around the small village of Santa Inés near San Antonio. You can walk through the orchards of the adjacent valley then make your way to one of the great restaurants or bars around the village's church for a hot café con leche or tasty tapas.

On 12 February, Santa Eulalia Patron Saint's is celebrated, when Ibiza's third-largest town puts on lots of events in the weeks before and after this main day.

If that's not enough, it's also time for the Ibiza Carnival.  Each town has its own parade with competitions held for the best float, with the biggest and best always in Ibiza Town. In San Antonio, the parade usually takes place on Shrove Tuesday, whilst in Ibiza Town, it's usually on the Sunday before at around 11:00.

Find these and many more events in our events' calendar.

Weather: 9-16 degrees Celsius
Daywear: layers are best with jumpers or sweatshirts on top of t-shirts
Evening: warm coat, gloves, scarves and boots