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Ibiza diving

Warm waters, interesting diving sites and over 200 kilometres of spectacular coastline make Ibiza a popular resort for both amateur and professional divers, the whole year round.

Scuba Ibiza Diving Centre

Ibiza Town (Eivissa)
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Ibiza is an ideal location to experience the natural wonders of the underwater world. The diversity of over 200 kilometres of coastline and crystalline waters attract divers from around the world. There are wrecks, subterranean caverns and rocky platforms with an awe-inspiring abundance of marine life.

The sea around the island is impossibly clear. Ibiza has one of the world's largest colonies of the seagrass called Posidonia which is a key indicator of a lack of pollution. It has worked its magic on the island's waters for over 100,000 years and is a hugely important part of the ecosystem.

There are a number of different diving centres around the island catering for all experience levels from absolute beginners right through to advanced level divers and those looking to obtain instructor qualifications. Another option is to organise private dives which can be designed especially for you and your group.

Choose from some amazing dive sites to discover the delights of the ocean. Whether you want to experience the eerie serenity of old ship wrecks swarming with shoals of barracudas and bream or wind through arches into secret canyons inhabited by lobsters, anemones and sponges, you will find a dive to amaze you.

For experienced divers options include the Don Pedro shipwreck laying on the seabed 47 metres below the surface. It is covered in the most beautiful flora and fauna and you will swim amongst scorpion fish, moray eels and an array of underwater wonders. Another popular dive is the Mariana platform, a sunken former fish farm which has become the habitat of an astonishing display of different species.

With water temperatures ranging from 14º in winter to 28º in summer, you can choose Ibiza for your subaquatic adventure all year round. The sensation of weightlessness as you glide through the island's transparent waters will be a holiday experience you will never forget.

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