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Ibiza Virgins' Guide: When to go to Ibiza

What's the perfect time of year for you?

When to come to Ibiza is one of those questions that you all want to know about. You might be coming to enjoy one of the world-famous super-clubs in the planet's party capital. You may be just coming here with your lover, family or friends for a chilled break. Either way, you'll need to know the low-down on what to expect and when.

Our insider knowledge will help you make the right decision. Read on below to find out more about the best time to come for you.

This article is part of our Ibiza Virgins' Guides, packed full of information on how to get the most out of your stay on Ibiza. Check them out.

On our weather page, you can inform yourself about the pleasant climate Ibiza has all year round.


When should you arrive on Ibiza?

In the first two months of the year, you'll get the coolest temperatures though never usually less than 15 degrees Centigrade during the day and there will still be sunshine. Hiking and cycling are great activities to do on land or on water, kayaking or paddling on a SUP board.

Generally, enjoying local events, nature and eating out, especially on weekends are what it's all about. The same could be said for November and December too.

San Antonio's annual Flower Power party brightens up the January blues, Valentine's breaks are deeply romantic on the White Isle and in late February it's carnival time when all the major towns have street displays of music and dance.

Pintxa San Antonio” is a fun March event: all participating bars compete to produce their speciality tapas, plus a beer or wine, at cheap prices for an end-of-winter warmer.

All throughout this period, the whole island takes on a shade of green as plants and wildflowers flourish. You'll also see trees plump with oranges and lemons and the white/pink of the almond trees in bloom.


The IMS lights up the old town and the clubs start opening

In this month, the weather is warming up and you will notice the first shoots of the new summer season. Many of the restaurants and beach clubs that have stayed shut for the low-season start to open too. There are more people on the streets and the beaches start to fill up with bodies.

Dependent on the year, Easter usually takes place in this month too, when you can catch the traditional religious processions in the day and in the evening. This is one of the best times to come to Ibiza for mild weather, minimal crowds and reasonable accommodation costs.

The International Music Summit (IMS) has moved its annual convention forward to April, signalling an early start to the clubbing season. Many music industry bigwigs, DJs and keynote speakers will converge on the island to discuss matters affecting the world of electronic music in an open forum, and to have a bit of a shindig at the same time…


Ibiza gets medieval in May 

The weather is touching the mid-20s, the sunbeds are out and the anticipation of summer is in the air. Early May is one of the best times to come to Ibiza for what is very agreeable weather and when you can really enjoy the island's beauty. It's the official start of the summer season and all hotels are now open for business.

Ibiza's Medieval Fair is very popular with many island visitors and is ideal for all ages. Mid-May is when the super-club opening parties start in earnest. With the season now running that bit longer, the Ibiza Spotlight party calendar is even more indispensable. You'll notice that the resorts are alive, from San Antonio's Sunset Strip to Ibiza Town's harbour area to Santa Eulalia's seafront promenade.


The gay pride spreads good vibes

If you want the best of both worlds: great weather and plenty of action, June is the month to come to Ibiza. By mid-month, all the major weekly party nights have kicked off in the clubs. Come now for fewer people and cheaper hotels.

It's also time for Ibiza Gay Pride and the famous parade and port party. Booking accommodation and car hire in advance is essential, you might save money too if you book well ahead. All the resorts now come into their own and holidaymakers take to the streets, beaches and bars. All around you can feel the island starting to buzz.


Temperatures now start to go above 30 and the island is busier. All the clubs are open and the beaches fill up. 24/7 nightlife is in full swing and you could now spend a full week partying from dusk till dawn.

If you want something more chilled you could try yoga on the beach or visit one of the hippy markets. Plenty of easy ways to discover the island abound: Hire a car or scooter or have experienced guides show you the islandChartering a boat and boat trips are a glorious way to discover Ibiza's coast and beaches or you could escape for the day to Formentera for the ultimate in getting away from it all.

Active fun on the solar-powered La Bella Verde catamarans


Arguably the craziest month of the year for Ibiza with no shortage of parties to go to, beach clubs and beach bars to chill in and water activities to dive into. Music fills the air all over and it's hot - yes, this really is the time to be swimming in the sea or spending time in or by the pool.

School's out for summer and all the family resorts like Santa Eulalia, Portinatx and Cala Llonga make the perfect playground. For more adult fun, dine out in Ibiza Town's walled citadel or head to the pre-club bars in the marina or on Playa d'en Bossa's main strip. Enjoy the balmy nights that just beg you to stay awake as long as you want or can muster.


Just chilling in one of the popular bars in Dalt Vila

This month sees party life still in full swing and is really popular with die-hard music lovers. Temperatures begin to dip slightly and there are fewer families, so the accent is on getting in club time for the party people or trying out more cultural activities like the Jazz Festival.

Later in the month, the season reaches its peak as the weekly club parties conclude with their closing events.

Throughout the month, it's still a great time to go out on the water on a boat or spend time on the beach and the sea is still warm.


peter young for ibiza spotlight

Cooler temperatures, ideal for hiking to scenic spots

This month, you'll find that there's still a good number of visitors. There are a lot of bright days, maybe the occasional down day, though not for long and the temperatures are generally good and exploring by day comes back into play. This is when the super-clubs' closing parties begin and then end around mid-month.

Beach bars and restaurants are in the main still fully functional and there are still some cool activities to do. Towards mid-month Islanders and seasonal workers come out to play to enjoy the fruits of their summer, plus prices go down. If you stick around long enough you should go to a Halloween party - the unofficial season closing parties.

November - December

The beautiful sunset reflected in the salt lakes

When November hits, the summer season is officially over and the island starts to quieten down. Whilst a lot of places will be closed, there is still a good number of restaurants open, the seasonal food fairs begin and for nighttime fun, there are still some occasional club nights. If you want more tranquillity and fancy exploring Ibiza, now is the time to come. What you won't get much of is traffic and car rental is usually very inexpensive.

London, Paris, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven and Zurich have direct flights, though you can also come via Barcelona or Palma, maybe stopping there for a night on the way. A few of the hotels are open all year and villas can be rented if you want a peaceful getaway with friends. 

Many sunny days and incredible sunsets can be had during these months and temperatures are nicely warm up to the end of the year - not what you might be used to if from northerly climes. You'll need to take a jacket and a couple of jumpers for when evening falls or if you get the odd day without sunshine.

At Christmas there are markets, pretty Christmas lights and festive dinners to be had and New Year's Eve parties to look forward to. Why not tempt yourself with a winter trip by reading our guide to New Year clubbing?

WORDS | by Julian Heathcote and Leena Sharma

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