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Sunset Strip in San Antonio, Ibiza

A long strip replete with vibrant bars where the sun sinks into the sea in a spectacle of glorious colour, to an eclectic soundtrack that captures the essence of the Balearic Beat.


A trip to San Antonio's Sunset Strip should definitely be on your list when visiting Ibiza. Known locally as “Ses Variades”, this long and popular promenade extends all the way from the harbour to the small beach of Caló des Moro and a bit beyond. It is probably the island's most visited location and with good reason.

Sunsets here are very special for a couple of reasons. Being a small island, Ibiza has nice clean air and the wide open sea next to the Strip means colours refract more easily. This results in a light show that everyone agrees is nothing short of spectacular, with a colour palate that expands from orange and yellow to pink, violet and hues of red.

Do not be surprised to see big bustling crowds during summer - everyone just seems to want to jump into the unique atmosphere. People flock here for the glorious incandescent sunset, the island's magic energy that seems to concentrate here, and of course for the music. It all started back in 1980, when Café del Mar, with the help from DJ José Padilla, added a soundtrack to the sunset and changed this once sleepy promenade forever. It was this venue that really created the chill-out genre and many compilation albums, for which it has gained worldwide fame.

Café Mambo and Savannah, now also well known over a number of years for their popular music compilations, came next and after that more and more sunset venues lined the promenade. When space on the original Sunset Strip ran out, new sunset bars started to open, expanding the original promenade all the way to the small bay of Caló des Moro.

A combination of the big sky, beautiful bay, dramatic sunset and world-class music makes the perfect setting for the bars along the Strip. If you go, get there in enough time before sunset to ensure a seat on the open terraces to enjoy their uninterrupted views. Try one of the many excellent cocktails, such as amazing Mojitos, Gin and Tonic selections and Daiquiris.

You will see people chatting animatedly as they gaze out to see the sinking sun, the many boats and yachts anchored in the bay and boat parties gliding past, all on beautiful balmy nights. The whole area is alive with people, extravagant club parades, street artists, including those doing fire shows, and people just sitting on the rocks - all adoring the sun.

All bars and restaurants serve a variety of dishes with cuisine influences from around the world. As well as full on dining experiences, where you can splash out and treat yourself, there are also affordable pizzas, homemade burgers, smaller plates and snacks on offer. When dining, it's essential to book a table beforehand.

Music makes the ideal partner for the setting sun, with many of the venues offering a variation of those Balearic chill-out sounds for which the Strip has become famous. After sunset, the beat increases in tempo with live DJ sets and pre-club parties to get everyone ready to celebrate the evening or warm up for one of the super-clubs. Café Mambo is the main player on the strip for these parties and has also been a big player in shaping the music “sound” of the Strip. Many famous DJs have played sets here too, with live radio broadcasts on Britain's BBC Radio 1 as well as on top Ibiza dance music stations.

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Fancy relaxing to an eclectic mix of golden hour sounds? We've compiled a playlist of the top 100 Ibiza sunset songs, including Café del Mar classics and modern chill-out cuts. Stream below and head here to subscribe.

Getting there

Once in the centre of San Antonio, it's easy to reach the Sunset Strip. You can walk there by following the harbour promenade, walking away from the “Egg” roundabout. Go to the very end of the harbour and then up some steps to the right. Follow the promenade along the coast and you'll come up to the original part of the Strip where the most famous bars are located.

North of the large wooden terraces of the sunset cafés, the promenade snakes around the rugged coastline rocks, arriving at the newer part of the Strip, where venues like SunSeaBar and Golden Buddha line Caló des Moro bay. Further along the coastal path there are some beautifully renovated hotels, whose sunset restaurants and terraces are open to the public too.

Free public parking is available on a large sandy car park right behind the Strip (see Google Maps). Mambo Group customers have limited private parking available too.

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