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SuperMartXé - Privilege

At Privilege. Costumes, dancers, and big tunes - this is Privilege's most spectacular show.


Back at Privilege for 2019 is one of the club's strongest nights and now the island's biggest gay-friendly parties, SuperMartXé.

At a SuperMartXé night, you always have plenty to look at - not least of all skin! Expect risqué choreography, high energy and terrific visual effects during the amazing live shows on stage, beautiful and crazy fashion shows, celebrity appearances and, of course, some great Ibiza club tunes to keep you moving on the huge Privilege dancefloor... always in theme and always on an extreme scale.

Now running for over a decade, it claims to be even bigger than ever before moving back into favoured Friday slot this year. It all starts on 28 June.

Guests this year include Mark Knight, Weiss, Kryder, The Cube Guys, Robbie Rivera and many more. Although the DJ talent is always top drawer, in many respects it plays second-fiddle to the outrageous antics on stage.

Every SuperMartXé night is themed differently, with no expense spared to transform the Privilege main room into whichever fantastic fantasy world that particular Friday promises.

The main room is the place to catch the shows, while over in Vista Club it is Superman by SupermartXé, the club's gay-only zone. The calendar is updated on a daily basis, so check back in.

Listen below and head here to subscribe to our Spotify SuperMartXé playlist.

Venue: Privilege

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