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Solomun is back at Pacha for 2020

Next summer’s first announcement is in the diary.

Striking the iron while it's still red hot, Pacha has sensationally announced that Solomun is back in 2020. Putting to bed any off-season speculation before it's started, Pacha has retained its greatest asset.

Whilst there's no firm dates yet, Solomun +1 returns to the Sunday night slot it has made its own. History points to the party starting the Sunday following IMS.

As for who will be joining Mladen next summer? That's an announcement for another time.

There's no disputing that Solomun +1 is a simple - but winning - formula, with the party enjoying another outstanding summer. Just when you think it's reached its peak, +1 reaches new levels.

Stars with Solomun's profile are always touted for moves - gossip is part of the driving force of the island during the winter months. Though we heard the Solomun rumours for the past five of so years, they always turned out to be idle chat.

Not only does this early announcement circumvent this, but it means already people can get planning next year's holiday. May more announcements follow soon in the same mould.

It only seems a split-second ago we were bunkered down in Benimussa Park's rabbit hole with Solomun and keinemusik at the closing party afters.

What an ending that was to a flagship season. Thank you Team Solomun and Team Pacha.

If you've still not watched our interview with Solomun from earlier this summer, you can watch it below.

Otherwise, we will catch you on Sunday nights in Pacha from May 2020. For now, we take a much needed break away from the dance floor.

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