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Ibiza's beautiful beaches

Gorgeous sandy beaches, hidden coves, crystal clear waters - Ibiza has it all!

  • Las Salinas Beach (Ses Salines)

    During the summer months, Las Salinas is the 'in' beach not only for the wealthy and the beautiful people, but also for the party scene.

  • Cala Salada Beach

    Surrounded by pine forested hills, this protected sandy little cove is a favourite for residents and private boat owners as no tourist ferries ever...

  • Cala Jondal Beach

    Beautiful and trendy beach surrounded by pines and jagged cliffs, very popular with boat owners.

  • Cala Conta Beach (Platjes de Comte)

    Two stretches of sandy beach, backed by rocky terrain, with a third, smaller beach at the far end reached by steps hewn into the rock.

  • Benirrás Beach

    Secluded bay in the North of the island, famous for impromptu drumming concerts.

  • Cala d'Hort Beach

    Small, beloved beach with a fantastic view of the mysterious island of Es Vedra, which lies only several hundred meters from the shore.

  • Cala Bassa Beach

    Popular beach near San Antonio, reachable by car, boat and bus, great watersports and safe for kids.

  • Cala Boix Beach

    A good safe beach of firm dark sand with high hills either side. Very picturesque.



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