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Cool Ibiza beaches ideal for snorkelling

Don a mask and some flippers to explore an underwater world at these great spots.

With its ambient sea temperatures and beautiful rocky coves, Ibiza's beaches make a great springboard for snorkelling in the summer. The water around our islands is of exceptional clarity, thanks to the Posidonia Oceanica seagrass meadows, and it's easy to see fish and other marine life.

Around the rocks, you can find much to interest you, including groupers, wrasses, and elusive octopi. In open water, you will be surrounded by shoals of the ubiquitous silver Saddled Seabream, with their distinctive black spot, the moment you throw out any bait.

Swimming above Posidonia beds, you are likely to see shoals of pretty silver and yellow Salpa grazing amongst the seagrass.

You might be lucky to spot flatfish and rays under the sandier bottoms. Look up and you may notice garfish or flying fish lurking just beneath the surface.

Make sure you arrive prepared with a mask and snorkel. Flippers and aqua shoes are also a good idea, especially if rocks and sea urchins are underfoot.

You will find that the best spots are always close to rocky areas such as the coastline and any small islets jutting out of the water. Read on to discover our pick of some fantastic snorkelling beaches.

Cala Comte

With a combination of rocks and sand, there's plenty to see at Cala Comte and visibility couldn't be clearer.

Everybody knows the stretch of sand overlooked by Sunset Ashram, but fewer visitors familiarise themselves with the great snorkelling areas to either side of the main beach.

To the left, as you approach Cala Comte, is Cala Escondida. This area is favoured by nudists, but there's so much going on underneath the surface your eyes won't be diverted!

Behind restaurant Ses Roques to the right is a rocky bay which makes a great place to get into the water, away from the crowded beach. Keep an eye out for rock lobsters around here.

The best time to go snorkelling is very early because the main beach is very popular and there are usually many people later in the day. When you dive in, the sensation you feel of seeing the water so clean and the infinite view of the sandy bottom is incredible.

Cala Xarraca and Cala Xuclar

The inviting aesthetics of Cala Xarraca and its little neighbour Cala Xuclar make these northern beaches ideal spots for snorkelling, especially because of the rocky seabed, outcrops of rock and the craggy coastline. The bays are well sheltered, with crystal-clear shallow waters that teem with wildlife.

At Cala Xarraca there is a rock in the middle of the bay, so you can cross over the meadows of Posidonia seagrass and do your own snorkelling tour around it. Just before sunset, is the perfect time to go as there is a lot of movement to observe.

Being in the north also means that you might find yourself sharing a beach with only half a dozen strangers if you pick your dates. Sometimes you might even hit the jackpot and have the entire beach to yourself - fewer people means more wildlife.

Cala San Vicente

Cala San Vicente is a long sandy beach in the northeast of the island where it’s also possible to see incredible fish. The very observant might be treated to a rare sighting of one of the most spectacular Balearic fish, the Flying Gurnard (roncador) as it skims along the seabed with its blue fringed ‘wings’ outstretched.

Looking out to the sea on the left side, you will find countless fish next to the rocks. And, if you look along the immense area of sand, you might even discover starfish buried on the seafloor.

The beach can be quite wavy so, always check the wind direction before setting off. It can be a long trip to get there from other parts of the island, so you don’t want to waste the journey.

Es Caló

To the south of Ibiza lies the sister island in our little archipelago, Formentera, where a wealth of snorkelling opportunities awaits. World-renowned for the clarity of the turquoise water the island has 85km of undeveloped coastline just waiting to be explored.

Nevertheless, our favourite spot has to be at Es Caló. This picture-perfect little fishing cove is like a big, natural fishbowl. There are many boat slipways here to help you get in and out, but it is recommendable to wear water shoes.

Take some simple bait with you and you will soon be rewarded with huge shoals of hungry fish coming at you from all directions. It truly is one of nature’s magical spectacles.

When you're all equipped, all there is left to do is take the plunge and explore the wonderful life beneath Ibiza and Formentera's waters!

For those who prefer an organised trip, check out the many boat excursions departing from the major resorts. They all include a dip into the sea at some idyllic spot around the coast of Ibiza, with all snorkelling gear provided. 


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