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Calendar of fiesta days on Ibiza

Fiesta time - discover the local celebrations and traditions of Ibiza.


Here is our list of all national and local holidays on Ibiza. Banks and offices across the island are closed on major national holidays, but only in the specific village or municipality on local holidays. Many shops and most supermarkets stay open, especially during the summer season.

In the weeks around the Patron Saint's day there is often a whole programme of events in the villages and towns of Ibiza, with a small fun fair, concerts, workshops, sport competitions and more. 

More information about the main local fiestas can be found in the events' calendar, where you'll also find information about all markets of Ibiza.


01 January - New Year
06 January - Three Kings' day
17 January - Patron Saint's day in San Antonio
21 January - Patron Saint's day in Santa Inés


12 February - Patron Saint's day in Santa Eulalia
Carnival - Carnival season for the whole of Ibiza


01 March - Balearic Islands' day
19 March - Patron Saint's day in San José - this is a national holiday throughout Spain


02 April - Patron Saint's day in San Francisco (the little village on the way to Salinas)
05 April - Patron Saint's day in San Vicente
23 April - Patron Saint's day in Sant Jordi (Sant Jorge). The day of Saint George is celebrated in all the San Jorges throughout Spain. Since International Book Day is celebrated on the same day, books are sold cheaply in the streets in many places.


01 May - Labour Day
1st Sunday - Flower festival in Santa Eulalia
2nd weekend - Medieval festival in Ibiza Town (more info on Ibiza markets)
2nd Sunday - Patron Saint's day in Puig den Valls


21 - 24 June - John the Baptist's day (San Juan) in Ibiza Town
23 June - Throughout Spain, the start of the summer is celebrated with fireworks and bonfires. In the evening, the village San Juan celebrates a raucous fiesta including the burning of various figures and fire walking.
24 June - Patron Saint's day in San Juan


10 July - Fiesta de San Cristobal in Es Caná
16 July - Nuestra Señora del Carmen. Saint Carmen is the Patron Saint of all fishermen. There is a holiday in Ibiza Town, San Antonio and Formentera, including a procession on the water in Ibiza Town. The small village of Es Cubells celebrates its Patron Saint's day.
25 July - San Santiago (St. James's day), the Patron Saint of all Spain


05 August - Patron Saint's day of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves of the cathedral in Ibiza Town.
08 August - The Patron Saint of the island, San Ciriaco, is honoured with a communal picnic on the hill Puig des Molins in Ibiza Town. At midnight there is a huge firework display in the port of Ibiza Town.
10 August - Patron Saint's day in San Lorenzo
15 August - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Asunción de la Virgen); Patron Saint's day in Cala Llonga
16 August - Fiesta de la Vírgen del Carmen - procession of ships in Ibiza Town harbour
24 August - Fiestas de San Bartolomé in San Antonio, large fireworks at midnight
28 August - Patron Saint's day in San Agustín


08 September - Patron Saint's day in Jesús
21 September - Patron Saint's day in San Mateo
29 September - Patron Saint's day in San Miguel


12 October - Hispanic Day - The discovery of America by Columbus in 1492 is celebrated throughout Spain
12 October - El Pilar festivities on Formentera
24 October - Patron Saint's day in San Rafael


01 November - All Saints Day (Día de los Santos)
04 November - Patron Saint's day in San Carlos
16 November - Patron Saint's day in Santa Gertrudis


06 December - Day of the Spanish Constitution
08 December - Immaculate conception (Immaculada Concepción)
25 December - Christmas Day

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