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Charity on Ibiza

Information on the work of charity associations and how you might be able to help and support them in their work.

Ibiza is much more than a party island – it's an island full of people who care. They care about the aged, the infirm, children and animals and they do this by supporting local charities set up by local people.

Although Ibiza's residents support local charities through fundraising and donations, further help is always welcome and is often needed for these remarkable caring concerns to continue.

The volunteers and organizers work tirelessly, on a daily basis, to help ease pain and suffering, asking only that that can make a difference to those in their care.

To get more of an insight on the work they do please take a look at their web sites, through the links below.

Should you feel the urge to help them to help others your donation will be gratefully received.

Age Concern

Help to make life easier and more bearable for many of our residents in their golden years. This charity is run on a totally voluntary basis and dependent on funding.

Age Concern Ibiza and Formentera
Contact: Mr Tony Curtis
Address: C/Córdoba 8, Cala de Bou, 07829 Ibiza
Tel & fax: +34 971 34 76 41

Alzheimer Ibiza

This organisation works tirelessly to aleviate the suffering to all affected by this deteriorating and debilitating desease by offering practical advise, care, and respite programmes. Dependent of public funding.

Phone numbers: Fixed: 971 19 24 21 - Mobile: 653 94 02 42

APNEEF - Association of people with special needs of Ibiza Eivissa and Formentera

This association joins together boys and girls between 0-18 years with any kind of disability (physical, psychological, sensory or cognitive) providing a range of therapies and special needs assistance. Their objective is to improve the development and progession of these children to increase their quality of life and integration into society. The group is supported by some official organisations, private companies and welcomes all contributions to help finance its projects.

Address: C/ Sant Cristofol Nº 13 Ibiza
Phone numbers: +34 971 192 341 or +34 638 00 36 27

Contra Cancer Association for Ibiza and Formentera

This local charity provides financial assistance for those needing treatment, patient and family support and practical advise for avoiding this disease. Funded solely through donation – the money is used in Ibiza & Formentera.

Asociación Ibiza y Formentera Contra el Cancer
Address: Hotel Royal Plaza. C/Pedro Francés, 27, 07800 Ibiza
Tel: +34 971 310 000 Fax: +34 971 314 095

English Speaking Church

More than church services this organisation provides much needed humanitarian work amongst the sick and needy and is locally dependent on public funding.

Ca’n Bagot, Camí des Cap des Salt, No. 1757, Port des Torrent. Sant Agustí


Samasound focuses on two projects currently. Music and singing based, the organisation meets monthly at Can Seres, a hospital in Ibiza Town, and works closely with the elderly, encouraging group singing and music meditation. Several of the patients experience dementia and it is the organisations aim to work with the doctors and nurses to help relax and increase the pleasure of the patients lives.

The second project focuses on children and again incorporates music but also activities such as sailing and horse riding. The children reside at a Childrens Home in Santa Eulalia and monthly, SamaSound aim to encourage the children to experience life, in a manner not possible without SamaSounds support and commitment.

Contact: Maureen Ji
Website: SamaSound Association

Healing Ibiza

Healing Ibiza is a non-profit association. The aim is to raise global consciousness by bringing the awareness of natural healing and individual transformation. Healing Ibiza organizes two major events every year at the beginning of both May and October. These are held at the beautiful Atzaro resort and feature a wide assortment of activities throughout the day including: Natural Therapies, Workshops, Yoga, Inspirational Speakers, Oracle Readers, a Magical Children's Area, Music, Dancing, great healthy food and much more.

Website: Healing Ibiza

Care 4 Cats

This is a Spanish registered chairty and dedicated to Ibiza. Care4Cats was established in 2000 after a British woman (Angela Collins) visited Ibiza and encountered a dying feral (wild) cat. When she looked for someone to help the feral cat, she found no facilities existed on the island and therein formed Care4Cats.

Care4Cats relies solely on donations and ensures 'every cent is spent on cats'. The charity operates a TNR programme (trap, neuter & return) - recognised as a humane means of helping to control the increasing number of feral cats.

Contact Tel:
629-883-221 / 630-061-432 / 620-404-095
(above numbers are manned by volunteers - please be patient and don't leave a message - Care4Cats doesn't have the funds currently to return calls)



Giving their own time, money and love to heal and rehome unwanted dogs DUO Ibiza work in conjunction with DUO – a German organisation which sends (when it can) animals to new homes in Germany.

Email: (also fluent in English)
Phone: +34 971 197 430