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Ibizan legends and folklore

The Phoenicians believed Ibiza to be a magic isle blessed by the gods.


Magical island

Why did early settlers the Phoenicians believe Ibiza to be a magic island blessed by the gods? Because of its rich red, non-volcanic soil - to this day, many people wear amulets and pendants containing Ibiza's "sacred" soil to protect the wearer from harm.

A further example of the Phoenicians' long-lasting legacy is the close association between the Punic goddess Tanit and Ibiza. The moon goddess represented dance, fertility, sexuality and creativity - very fitting for today's Ibiza, so that is why you can find her face on many souvenirs.

Mythical island

Some of you will have heard that Nostradamus, the famed French seer, predicted that "Ibiza will be Earth's final refuge".

Allegedly, the 16th-century French astrologer and physician stated that an apocalypse would wipe out most life on Earth, and that the prevailing wind patterns over Ibiza would ensure that it and its inhabitants would survive

Mysterious island

The islet of Es Vedrà, rising from the waters off Cala d'Hort, is the most known landmark of Ibiza. The Carmelite priest Don Francisco Palau, founder of the convent at Es Cubells, meticulously recorded mystical revelations and meetings with "unearthly beings surrounded by light" whilst meditating there.

There are reports of gigantic circles of light, measuring up to 50m in diameter, emerging from the sea around the rock, apparently discouraging fishermen from fishing in this area. It is believed (though totally unproved by science) that a strong magnetic force emanates from Es Vedrà, and this attracts unexplained phenomena.

Creative talents

That Ibiza has a beguiling magnetism for people with creative talents is a reality. It's no secret that Ibiza boasts a great concentration of international residents possessed of artistic aptitudes and wide-ranging skill sets - all this on what is actually a relatively tiny island.

It is said that this community of people have found inspiration and fulfilment from the simple and enriching Ibizan way of life and the stunning clarity of the light on the island that stems from the 300+ days of sunshine we enjoy here every year.

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