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International Book Day

New, old or second-hand books... It's time to get some books!


Fri 21 Apr, 2023, Sat 22 Apr, 2023, Sun 23 Apr, 2023
From: 10:00

The 23 of April is worldwide considered the International Book Day, and has the goal to promote reading, the editorial industry and author's rights. 

Known in Ibiza as Día de Sant Jordi, the legend says that Sant Jordi (Saint George in Catalan) defeated the dragon that dominated the village and captured the princess. From the blood of the defeated dragon, there grew a rose bush. According to tradition, red roses are gifted together with a book. 

During the weekend, the island's main towns and villages will be holding their open-air book fairs during all day, with lots of book stalls on different themes and presentations of books by local authors:

  • Friday 21 April: book fair at the Paseo de las Fuentes in San Antonio.
  • Saturday 22 April: book fair at the Paseo de s'Alamera in Santa Eulalia, coinciding with the well-known Stocks Fair.
  • Sunday 23 April: book fair at the Paseo de Vara de Rey in Ibiza Town.

Usually, other activities are held in parallel, mostly aimed at children, such as storytelling or giant street games.

Enjoy reading and tradition on such a special day! 

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