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Ibiza DJs share their favourite tune of summer 2017

Let the music take you back to your favourite days and nights on Ibiza last summer.

If you are missing the carefree days and wild nights from last summer, this one is for you. Ibiza DJs share their favourite tunes from this past season with a few words on why they chose that particular one. Both resident and guest DJs of parties old and new chose one track that to them represents this past summer on the White Isle.

With these, you will also be getting a feel for the various vibes on Ibiza during the summer. Dive in and check out what you missed or experienced earlier this year not to mention what you can look forward to next time around. After all, the 2018 party calendar has been officially launched and is already starting to fill up. You might as well take a peak and start planning for summer 2018.

Not only is it the best way to beat the inevitable Ibiza blues but also you will be saving a lot by spreading out the cost throughout the year. Here are some great deals on villas, for example.

Meanwhile, let the music carry you back to Ibiza and enjoy.

Andrew Livesey played at Pikes On Sundays at Pikes Hotel

"Quite possibly the best song I've ever heard and the stand-out number from Pikes On Sundays 2017. Our resident Ruf Dug played it to me for the first time and I knew on first listen it was going to be a regular show stopper. The following week he played it eight times in one night. He played it five times in a row and then decided to play something else. The gathered crowd and he both agreed the new song was not as good so Terry went straight back on. This was a 'moment', a 'Balearic happening' that I am sure will stay with those fortunate enough to have witnessed it first hand. It's worth noting Ruf Dug played the edit of this which is eight minutes long. That's one hour and 12 minutes of the same song without ever sounding overplayed or uninteresting, in fact sounding better and better on each listen."

Charlotte de Witte played at Circoloco at DC10 and Suara at Privilege

"It's an absolute dancefloor destroyer, and I've been playing it in nearly every single set this summer, including my Ibiza sets. This tune has conquered my heart and has been a great inspiration for my own productions as well. It has taught me a lot in many ways and will remain a favourite pick in my record bag."

Danny Howard played at BBC Radio 1 at Hï Ibiza, Cream Ibiza at Amnesia, Creamfields Ibiza at Privilege, Defected In The House at Eden, Hï Sundays at Hï Ibiza and Pure Pacha | Paris by Night at Pacha.

"As soon as I heard this, it was straight in my Ibiza sets. Soulful, infectious and this rework really gets the room moving when that tough drop comes in out of no where. It ticks a lot of boxes for me as tried and tested at Pacha and of course at Defected at Eden."

Danny Miller, resident at The Zoo Project at Benimussa Park

"For me, this track has worked in every arena of Benimussa Park for me, as I have played it in the Living Room, the Seal Pit and the Treehouse. It is a vinyl press from the year 2000 and a gift from my close friend Nicolau. A really groove-driven track which starts with almost a vocal chant followed by high drums and a signature bassline that really brings energy to every crowd. It is a weapon I keep for every occasion in my record bag."

Davina Moss played at Paradise at DC10, The Zoo Project at Benimussa Park, Km5, private villa parties and Ibiza Global Radio

"Because I made this track with all my love and Joeski brought the best out of it. I also played it a lot when it was not released at The Zoo Project."

Dennis Cruz played at Groovers in the Park at Benimussa Park, Do Not Sleep Presents Cuckoo Land at Ibiza Rocks Hotel and Monza Ibiza at Privilege

"Amazing vocal and groove, people always go crazy when I play it. Perfect track to play when the sun comes down. I played it last summer on the Solid Grooves Ibiza and people got crazy. For me, it's one of the best tracks of the summer so far."

Disciples played at Together at Amnesia and My House by Martin Solveig at Pacha

"This has got to be our best Summer track from Ibiza 2017. The track bangs in any club, whether it's on the Terrace of Amnesia or at DC10 - it will go OFF. The lads smashed the line between a credible club beat and a crossover dance track, big ups Camelphat!"

D'Julz played at Circoloco at DC10

"This is for me the sexiest track of the summer and my favourite recent Moodymann production.I'm surprised it wasn't pick up by more DJs as in my opinion it had huge summer hit potential …..maybe this winter, who knows."

Fabio Florido, a Cocoon regular at Amnesia and RESISTANCE at Privilege

"Pure good techno vibes, perfect to 'shake' everybody's spirits on the dance floor. I have been playing it everywhere, my two gigs at Cocoon Ibiza included. I still remember how both rooms changed their vibrations with this track!! Loved it"

Federico Grazzini played at Unusual Suspects at Sankeys and Unusual Suspects @ Ibiza Boat Club boat party, as well as being a resident at The Zoo Project at Benimussa Park

"Definitely the most versatile track I played last summer. There is bit of everything on it, and the feedback from the dance floor is burning!"

Heath Holme played at Privilege for the Opening Party, Suara and Visuals for the Masses and Unusual Suspects at Sankeys

"From the very first moment I heard and saw the crowd's reaction to this tune when Adriatique played it at DC10 on New Year's Day celebrations, I knew it would be a special track and I had to have it."

Hector Couto played at Do Not Sleep at Sankeys, Do Not Sleep Presents Cuckoo Land at Ibiza Rocks, Groovers in the Park at Benimussa Park, Lost in Ibiza boat party, Music On, Together and Closing Party at Amnesia

"Ready to tear any dancefloor with a unique joy and electronic madness, this track provides the essential feeling of the summer!"

Lee Pennington played at The Zoo Project at Benimussa Park

"This track was a massive favourite at my own event I have run in Middlesbrough for 14 years riff-raff, and I decided to bring it back this summer at The Zoo Project and make my own edit of it to fit with today's sound. Safe to say that every single time I played it the Seal Pit erupted but the most memorable moment was the Rabbit Hole when I played it in there".

Mambo Brothers played at Café Mambo and were Hï Sundays residents at Hï Ibiza

"This is a track that we first heard at a night out in Pacha and we started to use straight away at our Hï Ibiza residency and it has been one of our summer weapons! It never fails, it has that disco vibe that we love and always works in Ibiza!"

Marvin Humes played at Craig David's TS5 Pool Party at Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Hï Sundays at Hï Ibiza, Pure Pacha | Paris by Night at Pacha and Tinie Tempah Disturbing Ibiza at Ushuaïa

"I first heard Erik drop it when I was playing alongside him at Mambo. After the reaction I saw, it has literally been in every set since, a great update of the Jaxx classic."

Matthias Meyer, resident at Labyrinth at Pacha

"I was always a big fan of the original and played it a lot back in the day. I am happy to see a new version of it. I really like the pushing groove and the whole vibe of it. I played it in almost every set the whole summer, mostly at the end. It's the perfect closing record!"

MK played at Defected In The House at Eden, My House by Martin Solveig at Pacha and Together at Amnesia

"The Camelphat guys sent this over a few months ago and I started playing it live right away. It always goes off at shows and sounds great on the radio. I loved it so much, they sent me the stems and I did a remix."

Nick Martin played at Limited Edition at Ushuaïa and BlackOut at Amnesia

"My love for house music, especially Swedish-influenced, combined with the festival feel on the drop and the happy vibes with the tagline 'More Than You Know' that everyone can sing along to make this record my favourite for this past summer. Each and every time I played it worked perfectly! Big respect to Ax and Seb!"

Rich NxT played at FUSE at HYTE in Amnesia

"It's no secret if you know FUSE that we've been hammering my upcoming FUSE London EP in Ibiza all summer. The A-side Brigade featured on our closing party preview and was so wicked to hear it on Amnesia's amazing sound system: perfect ending to the summer!"

Sander van Doorn played at Armin van Buuren + Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano at Hï Ibiza, BlackOut and Cream at Amnesia

"Perfect remix of a brilliant summer tune. I played it a lot during my SvD shows because of the cool vibe this remix has."

Solardo played at ABODE and Do Not Sleep at Sankeys, ANTS at Ushuaïa, DJ Awards, In The Dark and Closing Party at Hï Ibiza, Lost in Ibiza boat party and Paradise at DC10.

"From the very first time we heard this record we knew this was going to be MASSIVE! We've played this in pretty much every set from Sankeys to Hï to DC10 to Ushuaia: it has never failed to go off. For us, it's the mix of the rolling beat, mesmerising vocal and hard sub bass that is the perfect combination for any club."

Thomas Gioia played at The Zoo Project at Benimussa Park

"I chose this track because it distinguishes itself among the others with its lead synth and great kick. A quality tune that picks up and brings back 1990s techno from Detroit."

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