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Pikes, Ibiza

Anything goes at Pikes hotel, the original home of the Ibiza house party.


Set in the rural hills outside San Antonio, Pikes is a hotel cum party venue, poolside bar and restaurant with a juicy history.

Expanded from a 500-year old finca into a luxury hotel in the early '80s by founder Tony Pike, Pikes soon became the Chelsea Hotel of Ibiza, a hideout and party hub for A-listers including George Michael, Grace Jones, Boy George and Freddie Mercury.

Pikes is now owned by the same people behind Ibiza Rocks, hotel and open-air clubbing venue in nearby San Antonio. Considering how intrinsic rock and roll is to the ethos and energy of Pikes, the collaboration with Ibiza Rocks is an obvious and successful one. The Rocks team created a fantastic house party venue, with residencies like DJ Harvey's Mercury Rising, Pikes On Sundays (from the creators of We Love Space), Homies and the wild and wonderful annual Halloween costume party. Pikes is also a great place to pop in for a Sunday roast, for a spot of bathtub karaoke, for a yoga class or simply for a drink and a dip in the pool.

A cat peering through its monocle, a lizard slinging a microphone, umbrellas hanging from trees and a fish getting its smoke on. These are just some of the creative decorations residing on the walls or lounging from branches that is representative of the 'anything goes' atmosphere which hangs enticingly in the air at Pikes.

If you're looking for the spirit of Ibiza, it is here in the hills outside San An. Pikes must be experienced to be appreciated.

Famous for: Bathtub karaoke, impromptu piano sing-a-longs, Halloween, Freddies disco, Sunday roast, BLONDWEARINGBLACK vamping it up to diners

Popular parties: Mercury Rising (DJ Harvey), Pikes House Party every Saturday, Tales Of The Unexpected (Sundays At Pikes)

How to get there: Hop in a cab from the centre of San Antonio and it'll set you back around €10-15

Where to stay: In Pikes, of course! Or in nearby San Antonio, for example in the Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Resort: San Antonio, Ibiza

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