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O Beach Ibiza presents its party programme for summer 2022

Non-stop poolside action from Monday to Sunday.

After scaling-back 2020 and '21, O Beach Ibiza bursts back to life with a full schedule of proper parties and new themes in 2022. If you enjoyed partying here in the past, then you are in for a treat as lots of favourites return, with a few tweaks.

For anybody as yet initiated with what a day out at O Beach involves, let us give you an overview.

Elaborate performances, awe-inspiring aerial displays, gorgeous dancers, stuntmen, a beautiful San Antonio crowd and a music policy that is custom-made to be appreciated in the sun are guaranteed daily. Wherever you look, there's something to see.

Putting on a dazzling show that you won't find anywhere else on Ibiza - and possibly the world - O Beach packs a lot into what is typically ten to eleven hours of entertainment.

For the time being, you can pick up tickets on various days of the week from as little as €20, even during peak season. This is liable to change the closer to summer we get.

Want to swan around with a cocktail in hand? Cavort in the pool? Get in the middle of the mixer on the dancefloor? Or maybe just take five to build your tan? At O Beach Ibiza, you can do all that - and then some.

While the above is on the cards whichever day you visit, there are subtle differences between each party. Let's take a deeper look day-by-day so you can pick the party or parties best suited to your tastes.

Opening Party

Although there are some pre-season warm-up offerings (more about them later), the Opening Party marks the start of the season proper. This is when O Beach comes into bloom and you can expect full fanfare on Friday 6 May.

That means podium dancers, live musicians and cheeky comperes. Basically, the whole venue is awash with colour.

After this curtain-raiser, the weekly parties will begin one by one, with Poolside Sessions filling in the blanks elsewhere.

Mondays | House In Paradise

Starting the week off on the right foot, House In Paradise returns to Mondays. Featuring the very best in tropical, deep and uplifting numbers, House In Paradise runs uninterrupted from 16 May through 3 October.

Welcome to paradise on earth!

Tuesdays | Kisstory

Tuesdays also see no change - and why would it? O Beach’s most popular weekly party, Kisstory, is back in its usual berth from 10 May to 11 October.

Everybody should know what the fun throwback party entails by now. Classic dance music from across the decades and through the genres. Whether you're old school or nu-gen, you will be familiar with all the timeless music being played. Cue singalong scenes.

Wednesdays | HotBed

Also staying put is HotBed, which secures its Wednesday slot for the sixth consecutive summer. HotBed has undergone a makeover since last year. While the soundtrack will stick largely to script, soulful vocal House, there’s the promise of bigger guests this time round.

Esteemed residents Danny Langan, Billy Cocks, Larry London, Parris & Lloyd and Kizzy Alicia will all be back, as too, are HotBed's hot percussionists and saxophonists.

The action kicks off on 18 May and sails every Wednesday thereafter until 5 October.

Thursdays | WILDCHILD (Even numbered weeks)

Thursdays | ONE (odd numbered weeks)

Thursdays are slightly different, so please bear with us on an explanation for this…

From 19 May, WILDCHILD and ONE trade alternate Thursdays. This is one example where you will need to refer to our party calendar to ascertain which party falls on your date/s.

As for the differences, WILDCHILD is a crate-diggers fantasy where you’ll find studious selectors pulling out rare 4/4 grooves for the untamed amongst us. Meanwhile, ONE delivers a discerning blend of chunky Hip-Hop, smooth R&B and heatwave UKG for all you ballers and garage girls.

The last WILDCHILD takes place on 6 October, with ONE’s curtain call a week earlier.

Fridays | Pool Party

Fridays is the eponymous Pool Party. This is all about what O Beach does best: putting on a show in the sun, with acrobats and parades making for a glam party atmosphere at poolside.

This one doesn't need much explanation. It's very popular and is a dead-cert to see O Beach in full glory.

Saturdays | Soul Heaven

Operating within the frequency between House and Disco, Soul Heaven is back on Saturdays.

Always with soul at its core, this feelgood party comes loaded with the ideal soundtrack to endless summer days. Kick back or get right amongst it - you choose. Lazy and energised are two different but equally suited approaches to experiencing this soulful delight.

Sundays | Various

Finally, Sundays are a bit of a revolving door, similar to Thursdays, only with more ingredients so buckle in.

Depending on which dates you're on holiday for, you might get one of three monthly promoters. These include the oh so naughty SIN Sundays, wet n' wild champagne connoisseurs Ibiza Spray and a new venture from entrepreneurial power-couple Mike & Claire Manumission, called Ailien.

Wait, because it gets slightly more complicated.

Throughout the season, there's also a handful of parties that take place intermittently on Sundays. Keep an eye-out for the good ship Boat Club, fun-dealers ACES, plus one-off Club Miami by Escape Records. Again, refer to the party calendar.

Special events

O Beach celebrates its 10th birthday in 2022. Where has a decade gone? Ibiza is unimaginable without O Beach now. Unlike previous years, such an anniversary calls for the celebrations to be spread over an entire weekend, Friday to Sunday.

The festivities take place 24 June to 26 June inclusive. We have a suspicion that things are going to get wild!

That isn't the only big birthday happening this year.

Co-owner and star of reality TV and social media, Wayne Lineker, is turning 60! Wayne's 60th is an early-season date on 24 April. We reckon you can expect cake. His business partner and fellow familiar face at poolside, Tony Truman, also throws his own bash. Well, we couldn't have him feeling left out. Tru's Do's takes place on Sunday 17 July.

Another very popular event, Kiss FM UK (not to be confused with the weekly Kisstory) returns with two live broadcasts, one at the start of June and the second in late August. 

Early season dates

Heading out for some early season sun?

Luckily for any early arrivals, O Beach has some warm-up dates to fill the void until the season starts for real. Poolside Sessions take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 22 April, adding Mondays from 2 May.

After the official venue opening on 6 May, Poolside Session then goes daily, filling in the blanks until all the residencies start one-by-one.

This includes a selection of takeovers from global brands, such as Soul Town Garden Party (7 May), Jack Your Body (14 May) and a pair of shows, one at either end of summer, from playful kinksters Kinky Malinki (21 May and 2 October).


Closing Party

The run comes to an end on Friday 16 October with a Closing Party to end all parties. O Beach will be inviting back guest DJs and combining all of the best elements of the season just gone for a final swansong. Everybody involved tries to top it all, which is no mean feat.

But that's a long way off right now, and O Beach has plenty to keep you entertained from late April onwards.

No matter which day of the week, you can be sure O Beach will be putting up the ultimate daytime clubbing experience.

And remember, tickets for certain parties are currently as low as €20. Go grab a bargain today!

Head here for the full programme. For tickets, follow the individual links for each party.

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