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Ibiza Spray - O Beach Ibiza

At O Beach Ibiza. Bring on the bubbles.


Ibiza Spray brings rain to San An Bay's O Beach Ibiza but exclusively of champagne. Perfectly fitting the sparkling seaside venue, it's the only party on the island where you can enjoy white and pink rain.

The decadent party concept originated in the south of France in the 1960s and has since spread to sunny, fun-loving destinations throughout the world including our own White Isle.

The crux of it, of course, is your cava bottle. Choose from white and pink champagne, position yourself in and around the pool and then, as Russel Crowe would say, unleash hell.

Could get mighty sticky but what good party doesn't?

Ibiza Spray takes over Surprise Sunday on one date every month of this summer from May to September 2020.

Check below for full details, confirmed line-ups and tickets.

Venue: O Beach Ibiza

Due to COVID restrictions, this is a sit-down event with table service only. Advanced booking is essential and availability is very limited. Please bring a mask with you.