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Santa Agnès, Ibiza

Charming little village in a valley full of almond trees.


Santa Agnès de Corona (Santa Inés in Castillian Spanish) lies to the north of San Antonio in a very fertile region, far away from the tourism of the big towns.

It comprises a church, a supermarket, a few bars and restaurants and several surrounding houses - but not much else, which only adds to the rural charm here.

Santa Agnès is a wonderful place to visit in order to discover the real Ibiza, far away from the hustle-and-bustle of Ibiza Town and San Antonio. Do take a walk around the village and the surrounding countryside, as the area is simply breathtaking with fields of orange, lemon and almond trees set against the deep, ochre-red of the earth and the many different greens of the pine trees.

Almond Blossom

Time seems to stand still in Santa Agnès except during the month of January when the almond trees begin to bloom, and the village celebrates almost a month-long fiesta. It seems like the whole of the island gathers in the village to admire the spectacle and join in the festivities. This is one of the prettiest displays of nature you will ever see, as the whole of the valley is swathed in a covering of silvery-white.


There are several lovely agrotourism and rural hotels dotted around the beautiful surroundings of Santa Agnès. Alternatively, you could also choose one of the stunning private holiday villas nearby.


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