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Full moon almond blossom walk in Santa Agnès with Walking Ibiza

This nighttime walk in Santa Agnès has become an Ibiza tradition.

Fri 23 Feb, 2024
From: 20:00

Where: Santa Agnès, Ibiza (Santa Inés)

Enjoy the natural spectacle of the almond blossom in the light of the full moon. Walking Ibiza takes you through the almond fields in the Santa Agnès valley - as the full moon rises the blossom ´glows´ and makes for a real magical experience. Bring a little tipple to keep you warm - and you never know, some Cava might be found along the way …

Day and time: Friday 23 February at 20:00 
Distance and duration: approx. 6 km and about 2,5 hours
Level: easy
Donation: The walks are by donation of €15, €20 or €25  per person (depending on how much you are able to give).

Suitable for pushchairs if you would like to bring your little ones. Best not to bring dogs as it's very dark and they may get lost. Bring a torch and dress warm.

Find more information about how to reserve and other excursions in the Walking Ibiza Calendar.

Santa Agnès, Ibiza (Santa Inés)

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