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Juntos House

Restaurant, San Mateo, Ibiza. Combining farm, restaurant and boutique, Juntos House is a romantic celebration of an idyllic Ibizan rustic lifestyle.



Situated in a recently renovated farmhouse at the heart of the peaceful and charming northern village of Sant Mateu the spacious finca is surrounded by vineyards and almond groves.

The main farmhouse has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and is lovingly decorated and cosy on the inside, combining rustic elements with modern touches and with a sophisticated cocktail bar.

Yet the garden is where you’re most likely to eat on a warm and sunny afternoon or evening. An exquisite mosaic mural by local artist Lucas Pereyra adorns the garden wall, depicting many aspects of rural Ibizan life, and the terraces are fringed by aromatic olive trees, grasses, rosemary and sage.

Juntos House menu is constantly changing to reflect seasonal Mediterranean produce from Juntos Farm. Each menu offers a relatively simple choice of dishes packed with big flavours that are ideal for sharing. Connected to the land via Juntos Farm, much of the produce on your plate is grown locally using traditional and regenerative farming techniques.

In addition to the delicious food, Juntos House boasts an extensive wine list featuring a selection of local and international wines, as well as a range of creative cocktails and mocktails.

Also on the property, you will find Juntos Boutique a ‘conscious gift shop’ selling sustainable ecological products, local artisan handicrafts and organic perfumes.  

Resort: San Mateo, Ibiza

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