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528 Ibiza

Outdoor partying returns to the sprawling Benimussa Hills estate on the outskirts of San Antonio.


Throughout its history and having undergone several name changes, 528 Ibiza has morphed from petting attraction to restaurant, and outdoor party location to high-end theatrical dining experience.

Now the sprawling estate owned by Ibizan land baron Bartolo Escandell has been transformed yet again. Returning to arguably its most successful usage, from 2023 onwards 528 Ibiza began hosting outdoor parties once more.

Previously the home of the legendary Zoo Project parties (as Benimussa Park, Gala Nights), 528 Ibiza and its entrepreneurial-minded leaseholder Andy McKay (Ibiza Rocks, Pikes, ex-MANUMISSION) curate a series of parties throughout summer, inviting a variety of names and sounds to play the expansive venue.

After last year's phenomenal success, 528 Ibiza will again host the riotous BBC Radio 1 Dance Live weekend at the start of August.

Being nestled between pine hillsides and boasting alluring, elevated views towards the golden sunset in the distance, 528 Ibiza is a breathtaking alfresco blank canvas that invites the most creative entities in entertainment to project something magical onto it.

Harmonised within the landscape, 528 Ibiza is comprised of three zones each with their own functionality. The Gardens is made up of two stages: The Grand Park Stage and the Amphitheatre. These are primarily used for large-scale parties, starting in the late-afternoon and ending before midnight. They are serviced by bars, toilets, food stalls and seating areas.

The Teatro is a covered space, with dining facilities, kitchens, stage and its own bar, toilets and even its own designated entrance at the north-west side of site. The space was most recently used for the 528's cabaret experience, but is equally suited to corporate functions and award shows.

Connecting the two, is the rooftop Terrace, which has impressive views over the surrounding countryside. The Terrace can be used both theatrically, functionally or a combination of the two with the added bonus of being outside and making use of Ibiza's amazing climate.

Famous for: Being the spiritual home of The Zoo Project, its abandoned seal pit which doubles-up as a make-shift dance arena, being the new home of BBC Radio 1 on Ibiza

Popular Parties: BBC Radio 1 Dance Live, Brunch Electronik, 25Y Cocoon Ibiza

How to get there: €10-12 in a taxi from San Antonio or €25-€30 from Ibiza Town. Free shuttle bus service for ticket holders, departing from and returning to San Antonio bus station and the port in Ibiza Town.

Resort: San Antonio, Ibiza

528 Ibiza parties

Brunch Electronik

Brunch Electronik

BBC Radio 1 Dance Live

BBC Radio 1 Dance Live

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