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Chi Kee Wun

Restaurant, San Antonio, Ibiza. Cocktails and exquisite Chinese fusion cuisine in an eye-catching garden.



Chi Kee Wun is San Antonio’s newest venue offering a stylish and sophisticated al fresco dining experience serving exciting, modern Chinese cuisine with the finest ingredients.  

The latest concept to emerge from the imaginative team behind some of Ibiza’s biggest brands (O Beach, Bam Bu Ku, Wi-Ki-Woo, etc) takes you on an amazing culinary journey through the eight great regional cuisines of China. On this fine-dining adventure the love for the country’s gastronomy really shines and the quality of the dishes takes star billing.

Chi Kee Wun’s talented chefs have absolutely nailed it - you will not find more refined Chinese dishes anywhere in Ibiza, taking Asian fusion dining to a new level of excellence. All the favourite delicacies are here: from dim sum, sweet and sour dishes and noodles to crispy duck, plus many more. What's more, Chi Kee Wun presents them all with style and flair.

Chi Kee Wun's purpose-built venue evokes a secret oriental garden, with circular booths that encourage you to share your feast with friends and family. The friendly service, vivid decoration and subdued lighting all combine to give you an intimate yet sociable experience that will live long in the memory.

Imaginative and eclectic cocktails, blended with exotic ingredients from the Orient, zesty desserts and a soundtrack of deep and progressive club tunes add to the appeal. The restaurant also has a shisha service and its comfortable lounge is ideal for enjoying a pre or post-dinner drink such as a cocktail or an aperitif. If you haven’t been out for a cheeky one in a while, now's your chance…  

Resort: San Antonio, Ibiza

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