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ONE - O Beach Ibiza 2020

At O Beach Ibiza. Become ONE at O Beach Ibiza.


ONE is back at O Beach Ibiza this summer. This party brings urban beats and a unifying dance floor vibe to the waterfront beach club. Make sure to bring nothing but love, for this party celebrates the power of music to bring people together as ONE.

Here you can travel into the sound of garage, hip hop, r'n'b and soulful house with special guest Melody Kane with DJ Spoony at the helm. As one of the founding fathers of UK garage, the award-winning DJ knows how to make a party happen. He will be leading the way, together with residents DJ Policy, Tom Crane and Grant Collins, as well as some of the finest celebrated and pioneering acts out there.

As always, the production at O Beach Ibiza includes some wild aerial and acrobatic performances above the sparkling pool. Expect the unexpected at this San Antonio Bay beach club.

From 21 May to 1 October 2020, O Beach Ibiza brings this eclectic and uplifting party to Thursdays.

See below for confirmed details and tickets.

Check out the Sounds of O Beach Spotify playlist below and head here to subscribe.

Venue: O Beach Ibiza

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