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DJ Spoony to play every Thursday at ON111

Catch the Garage legend spinning back tunes at O Beach throughout summer.

Veteran Garage DJ and member of legendary outfit Dreem Teem, DJ Spoony is back at ON111 this summer.

Spoony has been a familiar face at O Beach's Thursday daytime party in past years.

Despite featuring regularly, this year he ups the ante by playing every week from 11 May to 5 October.

Spoony has spent the past few years spreading the gospel of UKG, pursuing its recognition as an important cultural movement. This has manifested in an orchestral tour called Garage Classical, which he fronts.

The BBC Radio 2 presenter is also known for his philanthropic nature. He was the recent recipient of a British Empire Medal for charity work undertaken during the pandemic. Kudos.

You may best remember him for the above hit track It Ain't Enough alongside Artful Dodger. We can't wait to hear this spun back at poolside.

All that said, it's great to see him in his natural DJ booth habitat. He joins fellow residents DJ Cameo, Grant Collins and Sam Dungate for a journey through the beats of Garage, R&B, Hip-Hop and soulful House.

Soundtrack aside, you can bank on O Beach's famed service and world class day club product, no matter if you bagged general admission or upgraded to your own private table.

Head below to find those vital tickets for all dates.

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