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Gallery: Ocean Beach Ibiza is the ONE

Here's what goes on at ONE at Ocean Beach Ibiza on Thursdays.

"Music is life. That's why our hearts have beats." We headed over to ONE at Ocean Beach Ibiza and that's exactly what we found: a captivating energy that is impossible to resist. As always, the party was ONE to remember.

Having established itself as an ultimate daytime party destination, the popular beachside venue was beaming when we arrived. With garage legend Norris Da Boss Windross on the decks, the energy in the air was tangible and the entire seaside venue buzzing with excitement.

Urban beats are at the heart of ONE on Thursdays at Ocean Beach Ibiza this summer. Taking poolside clubbers on a journey through the beats of r'n'b, garage, hip-hop and soulful house, the music is at the centre-point of this special party.

With residents DJ Spoony, Grant Collins and Tom Crane on hand, the soundtrack could not have been more on point.

Classic tracks from yesteryear like Lil' Wayne Lollipop had us instantly in the groove.

We also heard a selection of tracks from the 2008 UK Funky era before being brought up to date with music from Drake and Fifth Harmony. With its feel-good summer vibes, ONE's universal appeal transcends generations. We were on board, too.

As inflatable balls and sexy dancers danced amongst the crowd, we got swept up in the rolling party. Looking around it looked exactly like an r'n'b music video from the '90s.

After all, does it get much better than dancing in bathing suits around a stunning pool venue? We don't think so. Drinks in hand, we joined in the rest of the crowd having a whale of a time splashing in the pool.

With the energy off the charts until the end, the dancers added an infectious vibrancy to the crowd. As we formed a human circle, breakdancers got down with some audacious pops on the sparkling poolside dance floor. It was fever pitch.

With excellent service and entertainment to top it all off, this event wholeheartedly puts the music and its guests at the forefront. Here's a gallery of the best pictures of what was a top day at Ocean Beach Ibiza.

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The party spectacle even in the sky.

Smiles galore and hands in the air moments.

ONE resident DJ Spoony deep in the mix.

ONE's dance squad busting out those moves.

Incredible enthusiasm of the performers.

ONE hand in the air, ONE place to be.

Glamour and good-times at Ocean Beach Ibiza.

Get out your dancing shoes, polish your sunglasses and head to ONE on Thursdays at Ocean Beach Club until 27 September.

With big names like MJ Cole, Artful Dodger, Pied Piper and DJ Ace still to come this summer, every week is packed out with those seeking one of the best open-air parties Ibiza has to offer. No doubt, this party is ONE that you will remember.

See below for full summer listings and tickets. You know you want to.

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