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A little Ocean Beach Ibiza preview for 2017

What's in store as San Antonio’s sun-soaked hotspot revs up for another summer.

Think of Ibiza and a flood of buzz words hit your brain like a hail of bullets, but it's likely that the ones that'll be permanently lodged in your psyche involve the fiendish daytime session. Ocean Beach Ibiza has operated a succession of solid summers since springing to life five years ago, and in 2017 it's set to be an adult playground for sun-loving music fans with a series of regular residencies and one-off events.

Every day from noon, you'll find a pool party paradise with great summer anthem worthy tunes, good looking humans, VIP beds, lush gardens, delicious food, gorgeous dancers and suspended acrobats, refreshing cocktails and a view over San An Bay as the sunset steals the show.

It opens on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 28 April and launches into the season with a full weekly schedule from 22 May until 6 October. Tickets for its parties, running from 12 noon (music from 1pm) to 11pm, are very reasonably priced and can be bagged for anything between 10€ and 35€, depending on the party and time of year. To help you on your way to make a purchase, here's our lowdown on its weekly schedule and special events so you can pick a date for a day session while boosting those suntans. And it's worth remembering there are still more parties to be added, so keep checking our party calendar for more info on those.

Weekly schedule

Hed Kandi
29 May – 2 October

A match made in glittery, glitzy heaven. UK house brand Hed Kandi teams up with Ocean Beach every Monday for a session of house happiness drenched in sunshine. Expect euphoric vocals by the van load and lots of Lovely Laura, who'll no doubt be back to swoop down from the sky while simultaneously blowing our minds and her saxophone. Our advice: wear sunglasses to avoid the glare from all the sequins.


30 May – 26 September

Holler at us if you like your old school anthems and dance music classics. Yeah we thought so, what kind of fool doesn't? Because there's nothing quite like singing your heart out to Ultra Naté's ‘Your Free' while waist deep in chlorinated water - that friends, is a fact. Secure yourself a spot on a ride down memory lane with the Med as your backdrop. You won't regret it.


21 June – 6 September

Brand new for 2017, HotBed arrives fresh on the White Isle this summer courtesy of the team behind mega successful London-based label, ABODE. The music policy is slightly different to what you might get at an ABODE gig; instead expect to hear deep, uplifting vocal hours tunes mixed up with live percussionists. Not a minimal drop to be found.


Ministry Of Sound
15 June – 28 September

You lot should know that any party hosted by the ever-effusive DJ Spoony is guaranteed to be a cracker, so you should be thrilled to discover that the Spoon Dog will be back each and every Thursday this summer bringing y'all an afternoon of hip-hop, r'n'b and Spoony-like sounds. Oh, and there'll be tons of sun and lots of poolside gyrating thrown in just for good measure.


Ocean Pool Party
26 May – 29 September

What can we say really? As you can imagine, this does what it says on the tin. You'll stroll to Ocean, there'll be outstanding pool party vibes, you'll dance to old school classics, you'll drink, you'll smile a lot, some of your squad will cop off, and everyone will leave having had a jolly nice time. Ocean Beach at its purest, finest form.


Soul Heaven
3 June – 30 September

Another sequin-fuelled session of hedonism, Soul Heaven is all about the Studio 54 vibes. Expect massive glitter balls, wild entertainment and soulful house classics that'll send you soaring skyward each and every Saturday. And that ladies and gents, is a lesson in how to start the weekend.



Sunday, the day that's normally set aside for a little weekly rest, will be anything but at Ocean Beach. You'll have a host of rotating residencies and one-off parties to bring the spice of variety to Ocean's sleek surrounds. Sin Sundays, Ibiza Spray and Boat Club are three parties that will regularly finding themselves stealing the Sunday show. Huzzah.

Special events

Throughout Ocean Beach's summer schedule, you'll find a steady run of one-off takeovers. Here's a rundown of what's not to be missed.

Ocean Loving Ibiza
Sunday 30 April

The final instalment of the party's island festival tour, head to Ocean to help them wave out the season in style. There'll be fit people prancing round the pool, phat housey beats and hopefully, loads of animal-related inflatables.


Ocean Beach Opening Party
Friday 19 May

Here it is, the big daddy of events. This will signal that summer 2017 has finally arrived and anyone worth their salt will be banging down Ocean Beach's gates to be a part of it. Or just buy a ticket and queue up like everyone else, depends how you like to make an entrance. Either way, there'll be acrobats and feel-good tunes and loads of people dressed fittingly for the occasion. Expect excellence all round.


Sunday 21 May

Having spent most of winter filling dance floors all across the globe, Superfoxx lands on the White Isle in May, bringing with it a supersonic soundtrack of garage, house and techno tunes. A day / night with a bit more bite than your usual Ocean shindig. One to take note of, if you're about.


Kinky Malinki
Sunday 20 August

Kinky Malinki, fine purveyors of house music the world over, will drop onto Ibiza for a one-off Sunday special in August. With temperatures soaring, you can expect euphoric tunes to match. Not to mention lots of people shirking responsibility for their behaviour, because hot.


House In Paradise
Sunday 10 September

Somewhere along the line, the team at Ocean Beach discovered that house music works really, really well when it's played in a hot, al fresco environment and there's a swimming pool, and champagne, and people are in their happy place. So yeah, House In Paradise, all makes perfect sense doesn't it?


Ocean Beach Closing Party
Friday 6 October

Right then team, this is the Big One. The one where all inhibitions get left at the door and everyone, repeat EVERYONE is expected to bring their A Game. Why? Because this will be the final party of 2017, aka the one everyone remembers. So if you can't already spray a bottle of champagne like a champ, then frankly, just don't bother turning up.


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