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O Beach basks in its summer schedule for 2023

The full programme is out now and looking in great shape.

It's been a hot minute, but O Beach rumbled back into life this week and is looking in tremendous shape for summer.

We're only just into February, but already we have the full schedule laid out in front of us, with all but one confirmed date (9 July - TBA). All tickets are on sale now, from the soft opening on 21 April right the way until the grand Closing Party on 15 October. 167 parties in total.

From day to day, there might only be subtle differences in the end product, so let us run through what makes each one special. It's time to get formulating those holiday plans, because summer at O Beach is primed, ready and waiting.

Weekly business

Few parties command the popularity of Kisstory, so there's no surprise that tune time-tunnel is back on Tuesdays once more. Playing the very best dance hits from the last three decades, you know exactly what to expect with DJs such as Andi Durrant and Cameo at the wheel.

Odds that each date will sell-out? Nah, it's a given.

Kisstory runs from 9 May to 10 October

Ed Sheeran's impromptu performance at House In Paradise in August 2022

Wednesdays look a little different this year, as House In Paradise moves to midweek. This is a party that has really come into its own over the last few seasons. Music-wise, its smile-inducing House music. The kind that puts you instantly in a good mood.

Last summer, House In Paradise made waves when Ed Sheeran turned up and performed unannounced. Who knows who's going to show up this time?

House In Paradise runs from 17 May to 4 October

ON111 reclaims Thursdays as its own this summer. Slick R&B, cool Hip-Hop and anthemic Garage with a sexy, stylish crowd is what you'll find here. Basically, it's hip-grinding music, so we wanna see you shake what your daddy gave ya. Are you gonna be on one?

ON111 runs from 11 May to 5 October

Fridays is the colossal Pool Party. Simply put, this is O Beach's biggest day of the week. This is when the venue really gets to show off and flaunt all the attributes that make the day club what it is.

Everybody working, from the girls at the front desk to the waiting staff and the musicians to the podium dancers, struts with assured swagger. It's a joy to watch the madness unfold in such choreographed, collective showmanship.

Pool Party runs from 12 May to 13 October

By the time Saturday rolls around, it's effortless disco Soul Heaven, providing the kind of versatile soundtrack that can be enjoyed either lounging out or getting groovy on the dancefloor. One, the other, mix of both - that's totally down to you.

All we know is you're going to need a cool drink for either option.

Soul Heaven runs from 13 May to 7 October

Box fresh for 2023

Mondays have a new custodian this summer. Adding some newness to the O Beach programme is burgeoning label D4 D4NCE, which muscles in on the daytime action from 8 May to 2 October.

D4 D4NCE is an academy-focused platform that releases music from the next wave of House music producers. We're certain that the line-ups will feature future stars and DJs on the cusp of taking things to the next level, alongside some established ones you know and love.

Already in the first wave of artists, D4 D4NCE has confirmed some big hitters. Names like Todd EdwardsRoute 94SecondcityJess BaysMajestic and DJ SKT point to this being a DJ-led party. Something a little different at O Beach is always welcomed.

What's undeniable is that this exciting new addition is a great complement to O Beach's existing portfolio. We're looking forward to checking this out.

Two or more

You may be thinking we've forgotten about Sundays. Not the case. Let's get to that now.

Unlike the rest of the week, Sundays are a little more inconsistent in terms of what you can expect. Although the parties change from week to week, the good news is you're in for a treat no matter which one your dates fall on.

Ibiza Spray, SIN Sundays and Boat Club are monthly parties, each with their own crowd, distinct look and USPs.

Two huge dates in the calendar are the KISS UK pool parties, which are live-broadcast on the radio station. 27 May and 26 August for those soaked shenanigans.

What do you get for a pair of ACES? A guaranteed good time, is what. 11 June and 3 September are the two dates the deck of cards comes tumbling down. Kinky Malinki goes similar, taking on 21 May and 1 October with some big name guests at either end of summer.

The unashamed and the untamed free-spirited WILDCHILD is also back with two dates. The first is earmarked for Friday 28 April, but the second is still TBA.

Jack Your Body is another party that gets the double-date treatment. 6 May and 20 August in this case. Finally, let's give it up for O Beach regular Parris who made such a success of Paravana's one-off last summer, he's been given two dates in 2023: 30 April and 13 August.

The big one-offs

You don't get much bigger than O Beach's Birthday. It really goes a bit OTT, if we're honest. A humble gathering this won't be. Imagine giving a child free reign to do whatever they want on their birthday - that's basically what this is. Now imagine there are two children, but they're not actually children, they're grown men who own a beach club. So, yeah, that!

Cancel all other plans for 18 June and RSVP to this.

Equally mahoosive is the venue's Closing Party. Obviously tinged with sadness as well, since it's the last time we get to play up at O Beach for another six months. In spite of that, we give her a big send-off celebrating the summer that was. Save the tears for the hangover.

If you're still here, that's in the book for 15 October. We're almost done...

Welsh wonders Escape Records are back on 29 April with new theme Escape To Ibiza.

Let's also not forget about the birthday boy too. Proprietor and one-half of Ibiza's most infamous duo, Tony Truman invites you to celebrate his big day with Tru's Do's on 16 July. Hopefully, he'll be dishing out the drink tokens!

Last, but by no means least, Soul Town gets a solitary date on 8 October. Last year's edition saw one of the biggest line-ups ever to grace O Beach, and we'd like to think we'll see a repeat performance in 2023. Here's hoping.

and when does it all kick-off?

Officially, at the O Beach Opening Party set for Friday 5 May.

Unofficially, and much to the joy of any early summer visitors, O Beach has a soft launch on Friday 21 April. You might not get the full marching band, but it beats sitting around at home in your pants. After that, you can expect weekend sessions until the main season begins.

Tickets to the former can be grabbed below, while for everything else follow the links in the text or head to our trusted party calendar and enter your dates. Either method is equally effective.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by CM Robinson and Andrei Oprescu

O Beach Opening Party listings - 2024

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O Beach Opening Party

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