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How to survive August on Ibiza

Navigate the island’s busiest month.

August is Ibiza in its biggest, baddest and boldest version! It's hot, it's busy, it's vibrant - and visitors to the White Isle are spoilt for choice when it comes to activities and events to enjoy during this peak month.

While there are many upsides to visiting Ibiza in the high season, planning your holiday for August also comes with a set of specific challenges. We have put together a survival guide for Ibiza in August so you can make the most of this exciting time on the island.

Ibiza when it sizzles…

If you look at the Ibiza season in its entirety, you could say that May and June are the warm-up months while September and October represent the home straight. Therefore, July and August are smack-bang in the middle of the madness that is the Ibiza cycle – and the season is in full swing! But there is just something about the eighth month of the year that makes it stand out.

Attracting the most visitors of the season, it's not just the temperatures that are ramped up! The energy is electric, the beaches and streets are buzzing, the evening air is sweltering and the events calendar is jam-packed… it's undoubtedly a very exciting time to be on Ibiza!

Into the frying pan…

Salinas Beach Ibiza

We don't want to sound like your mum… but please prepare for the heat. In August, Ibiza reaches temperatures of well over 30 degrees Celsius, so yes, you really should remember to pack your sunscreen (or prepare to pay jacked-up prices when buying it from the local pharmacy or supermarket).

Humidity is off the scale! So, stay hydrated and make sure to have plenty of water in between those sundowner beers and cocktails! It's also worth remembering that you shouldn't drink from the tap on the island, so make sure your villa, apartment or hotel room is always stocked up with bottled water.

The hot temperatures will also influence your day-to-night plans. Exercise and activities such as walking tours of D'alt Vila or hiking treks are best reserved for the morning or sunset time. Believe us, between the hours of 12:00 to 19:00 you want to stay close to the water (and in the shade). Beach clubs, boats or even your hotel pool will be the most pleasant places to be during the sizzling afternoon heat!

Lock down your reservations

The early bird catches the worm and in the case of your August holiday in Ibiza, the early bird may well save some dollar, too!

With plenty of visitors during this peak season month comes steep competition for those rental cars, beach beds and restaurant tables. Car hire prices are amongst the highest during this time of the year and can easily go into the hundreds – and don't forget the chunky deposit required to be blocked on your credit card to allow you to drive off into the sunset. So you might be best using a private transport company.

Depending on your plans, group size and budget, it's worth working out if it's more economical to get a scooter or rely on taxis for transport. If you're splitting the taxi fares it might work out cheaper than renting a car. However, if you do need your own set of wheels the earlier you book, the better.

The same goes for beach beds. Ibiza's most popular beach clubs can be booked up for lunch tables and daybeds months in advance. Lock down those frontline reservations at least four weeks before your arrival - or risk to regret it!

Restaurant reservations are a little more flexible, but if you want to secure a nice table at your favourite eatery during peak-dining hours (after sunset, but not crazy late) then making your reservation a couple of weeks in advance or more is recommendable.

Draw up your battle plan

With more events on offer than any other month, you are, quite literally, spoilt for choice. From deep house yoga sessions in the mornings to boat trips during the daytime, pop-up tasting events in the early evening and late-night dinner the Mediterranean way. The only limit is your stamina and the size of your appetite.

Those of you who have been checking our party calendar or been keeping tabs on the news will already be aware that August this year will be no usual August. Although there might be no dancefloors, there’s still plenty happening if you’re prepared to think outside the box.

While the clubs are shut, you can still catch international DJs playing at sunset at various venues on Ibiza’s west coast, at beach clubs during the day and even some fine-dining spots later on. Usually, these are free entry but require a minimum spend, which could be presented in either a sitdown meal, drinks package or combination of both.

Some tips include Cova Santa’s nightly programme, poolside action at Nikki Beach, Los Suruba’s Thursday residency at Las Dalias, the fun and frolics at Pikes and the full shebang at Lío. For younger visitors or those with more modest budgets, Ibiza Rocks and O Beach continue to lead the way.

Remember what we said earlier about reservations? Well we’re going to repeat ourselves. Due to the limited number of covers, sadly a lot of spontaneity has been removed. Trust us when we say, you need to book and as early as possible in advance. Already know your dates? Don’t wait, make that booking today.

And let’s not forget, aside from electronic music, you can discover lots of live and alternative music, as well as cultural events and activities, on our events calendar.

El trafico es… loco!

Probably the most boring point on this list, so we'll keep it short. Despite a snazzy new motorway system, you can and should expect the traffic and parking in August to be LOCO, so… calculate twice as much travelling time to your chosen destination as Google maps or common sense might tell you.

If you are driving yourself, you will also need to factor in extra time to find a parking spot. Believe us, every minute counts when it comes to catching that sunset or not missing the set you've been buzzing to see all year!

Expect the unexpected

August is weird, wonderful and simply outrageous. Whether its down to the energy generated by the hundreds of thousands of visitors, the heat, or the island's inherent flair for random surprises, go with the flow and let that Ibiza magic help you make memories of a lifetime.

It might be that your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and the person who stops to help you change a tire is a DJ legend. Maybe you'll get chatting to a random stranger at the bar and get blessed with an invite to the most epic villa party. When visiting Ibiza in August, anything could happen…

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