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Lío Ibiza

Restaurant, Ibiza Town (Eivissa). An all-out sensory explosion draws together fine-dining, impeccable service, a glittering location and a cabaret show that has been taken around the world.



Sitting on the water’s edge in Ibiza’s exclusive marina, upmarket Lío is frequented by the well-to-do, international socialites and those with finer tastes. All lit up in lights with its reflection mirrored in the shimmering water, Lío recruits the most bawdy showgirls, humorous revue acts and scene-stealing entertainers.

Therefore dinner at Lío is about so much more than food alone.

Pacha Group has always held theatrics at the centre of its brand identity, so the all-singing, all-dancing Lío experience is an extension of that extrovert personality. 

Diners can expect innovative Mediterranean food with the intention that each dish is a work of art to provoke emotion. 

Take your seat, dim the lights and prepare to enjoy the show.

Resort: Ibiza Town (Eivissa)

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