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DYSTOPIA - Ushuaïa

At Ushuaïa. Nothing makes sense here.


This festival-style party turns Ushuaïa on its head. Imagine looking at the world through a distorted lens and get ready for some seriously bizarre stuff. DYSTOPIA takes the world, turns it upside down and shakes it.

Music, live art and performances bring clubbers into a whole other world. Or as Ushauïa describes it, ‘Who invited you here? No perfect people allowed. I don't know who you are but I need your approval. Be the worst you can be.' Here you can and should be as eccentric as you fancy.

As for the line-up, DYSTOPIA brings in exceptional electronic music acts from the forefront of the scene. These include Germany's acclaimed Adam Port, the high-energy, tension-heavy sounds of Butch, king of US house Kerri Chandler, the dream team trio of Apollonia, Israeli trip masters Red Axes, melodic techno expert Patrice Bäumel, house legend Lil Louis and more.

On four Fridays this summer - 28 June, 5 July, 1 September and 8 September 2019 - from 15:30 to midnight, immerse yourself in this holographic, disorientating and surreal world in which the future has been deleted.

See below for full details, confirmed line-ups updated daily and tickets.

Top tip: Not ready to go home yet after this party? Cross the street over to Hï Ibiza for the global favourite F*** ME I'M FAMOUS!


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Venue: Ushuaïa

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