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Ushuaïa Opening Party 2023 - Ushuaïa 2022

At Ushuaïa. The Signal is calling.


Are you missing Ibiza? Do you yearn to touch down in 20 degree heat? Perhaps you can hear her calling out to you subconsciously? Maybe you're caught in the allure of The Signal?

Brace yourselves as the team behind Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza reunite us for a joint Opening Party bonanza of epic proportions.

The Night League presents The Signal, a two-parter that brings back the legendary marathon sessions that made Ibiza famous.

In collaboration with sister venue Hï Ibiza, the curtain-raiser will be a marathon party that marks the official opening of both super-clubs, starting outdoors and moving inside later.

Ushuaïa guarantees a sensorial feast. Next level production, ice blasts, lasers, flame throwers, stage performers, acrobats and a whole lot more in between.

The date is set for Saturday 29 April 2023. Line-up TBA.

Round-up your nearest and dearest follow the vibrations.

See below for info.

Venue: Ushuaïa

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